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Left 4 Dead, an experience you won't forget!

In short: It's a great shooter that's different every time you re play it. Although I do feel like it has no real story, it only adds to the replay value in my opinion. It's a game you can play over and over again and still find it just as fun as the first time you play it.

Gameplay: I had no problem going back to play it, the controls are simple, and make the annihilation of the disease carrying zombies the center piece of the game. The guns aren't that bad either - although there's a lack of variation between the guns, you still get a feeling of satisfaction using each and everyone of them to get rid of the zombies. You've also got extras like the Pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails at your disposal. Combine the humor you get from reading the writing on the walls, the lines the characters rip out once in a while you have endless hours of zombie-slaying fun.

Atmosphere: Graphic wise, this isn't a masterpiece, but it suits the style of gameplay that the game has to offer. The game sounds good too. If you're playing it with a bunch of friends, then the boomer burping and stuff will crack you up. But play this game alone in the middle of the night, and the sounds begin to make you anxious to get to the safe room and know that it is all over.

Overall: On the whole, this is a really great game that's really good fun. Seeing your buddies begin to worry as a Tank charges at them, or a Hunter pins them down makes it worth the full price. The only thing that i don't like, is the fact that it's not long enough and there's only a limited number of campaigns. Also, I didn't look at the online gameplay in versus mode too much, my internet provider is doing some work around here and my internet speed is fluctuating. Buy this game.



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