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Four Survivors And Bloodthirsty Zombies: What Could Go Wrong? 5

Many games have tried to show what the inevitable zombie apocalypse will look like, but simply put, Left 4 Dead is the most exciting and original survival horror game to hit the market. The majority of the shooters out there tend to thicken the line between multiplayer and single player so that each mode offers something widely different from the other. However, Left 4 Dead is one of the few games out there that takes that line and blurs it to an almost indecipherable amount so that the end resu...

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Left 4 Dead offers superb cooperative play 3

Valve has been known for creating some of the most memorable games to grace the PC and more recently the Xbox 360. Left 4 Dead is the latest hit game to be released from the company and brings together the joy of slaughtering hundreds of zombies with the ability to share the fun with your friends. Never has killing the undead been so much fun in a video game.  Pros  Excellent cooperative multiplayerGreat atmosphereInteresting online versus play Cons Only four campaigns AI partners are not always...

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Left 4 Dead will leave you "Grabbin' Pills!" 1

Left 4 Dead is a shooter from Valve, which was originally being developed by Turtle Rock Studios. It places the player in post-apocalyptic zombie environment, the player and their three companions must navigate their way through the level to the safe house. While on the way to the safe house they must try to survive both the zombie drones and special infected such as The Boomer. The game comes with four campaigns each spanning with four levels, each campaign lasts around an hour to two hours, de...

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Left 4 Dead is the definitive zombie experience 2

  Valve has done it again. With fantastic games like Portal, Team Fortress and Half-Life, they are among the most successful and acclaimed developers around. And there's a new franchise on the block: Left 4 Dead, Valve's highly kinetic zombie shooter. There are quite a few games going around that feature zombies in some way or another, but Left 4 Dead gets it absolutely right. Playing through the game makes you feel as though you're playing through a classic zombie horror movie, which is...

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Dont Pay for this if you dont play lots of Co-Op. 0

 Left 4 Dead is a zombie survivor story. You are given 4 seperate places to escape the zombie invasion along with 3 other NPC’s. You can have the option to play locally 4 player, online co-0p or by yourself with the computer playing the other 3. Good: The game is straight forward in it strategy. Point, shoot and watch the aftermath. It’s extremely easy to pick up.  Trouble is. That’s the game. Literally. Run. Look Zombies! Blamo! Run. Look Zombies! Blamo! If you played exclusivly Co-Op I know fo...

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Left 4 Dead: BOOM! Headshot! 0

Short and to the Point Left 4 Dead By: mrhankey To be honest, I recently have found it hard to get very excited over a game. Seriously, Fallout 3 was, well, meh. Spore, became frustrating towards the end. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky I haven’t touched since I bought it a month ago. Then Crysis Warhead, well I beat it and that’s that. So what game caused me to ignore my schoolwork and even my girlfriend at times, you guessed, the Zombie-Apocalypse survival game: Left 4 Dead. The Good: -AI Director,...

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Left 4 Dead unbias review 0

4/5 starsLeft 4 Dead offers some incredibly creative ideas and executes them well, but the problems with it are minor and can be forgotten once your knee deep in shotgun shells and zombie bodies.the good-*enemy AI is phenomenal*friendly is acceptable*takes everything a step further in cooperative gameplay*sound effects are immersive*in-game commentary is really unique and interesting*the way the music lets you know whats about to happen is really cool *a neat system where you can play idle, (hav...

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Full price for a half game? 3

If someone told me last year that I would be tricked into paying 50 bucks for a game with 4 levels, I'm not sure I would have believed that anyone would even release a game like that, much less that I would buy it.  But that's exactly what happened with this zombie filled co-op shooter.  It's severe lack of content is really its only major problem however, as what you do get plays well and can be a lot of fun.Obviously the focus with this game is multiplayer, be it cooperative or competitive.  T...

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Left 4 Dead is a game any zombie loving, online aficionado should 0

When it was announced that Valve was working on a zombie game using the source engine, unprecedented excitement occurred. Many wondered what the creators of many beloved games would do next. When it was announced it would be a mainly co-op game with a unique versus mode, more excitement only came and many wondered if Valve could make another huge impact upon the online world. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Valve has indeed lived up to their promise. By giving four amazingly fun co-op...

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One-trick zombie 0

Valve is a developer that takes their time when making games. When they do release a title, it's usually of high quality- the problems tend to come in the quantity department. And their newest venture, Left 4 Dead, is no different. "Zombie survival horror" has simply never been done this well, which is why it's disappointing that there isn't much to do. A noticeable lack of content is the only thing holding Left 4 Dead back from being an otherwise stellar shooter.If you've played other recent Va...

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Zombie slaughtering fun fest! 0

 The idea behind Left 4 Dead is a simple one, the developers wanted to create an enjoyable multiplayer co-operative experience, that had replay-ability. The theme was decided as part of this basic design idea - who doesn't like blazing away shooting hoards and hoards of zombies? So how does it work? You pick a character, who all play essentially the same, but have different personalities and dialogue - there is no advantage or disadvantage to any of them. Then you join an online game, ...

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Left 4 Dead Review 1

Left 4 Dead is the kind of game that comes around once every four or five years that makes you seriously look at what "multiplayer" is and how it can be improved upon.  With titles like Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty: World at War offering their Horde and Nazi Zombie modes, it would seem that Turtle Rock and Valve have essentially created something that contains concepts from both of those while offering a longer and more satisfying experience than the two combined.  The game has a few faults, ...

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The Worst-named game of 2008 0

What’s in a name? Well many dollars out of the marketing budget for one. I’ve been refusing to give this game a fair shake for the better part of five months by in large for having such a bad name. “Left for Dead” struck me as the title of what would be an uninspired bargain bin shooter, and then to see it referred to as “Left 4 Dead” added an extra layer of tackiness. So I deemed Left 4 Dead the worst-titled game of ’08, worse than “de Blob” and chalked up my refusal to buy it for this long on ...

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Pure Online Multiplayer Fun 0

Left 4 Dead is from Valve, the huge PC developer that create the Half-Life Series, Counterstrike, Portal, and Team Fortress. Valve doesn't put out a whole lot of games, but the ones they do put out are always quality games, and Left 4 Dead is another. It is available for the PC, through Steam or retail, and the Xbox 360. Now, of course, since it's Valve, the PC version is far superior, that is if you have a gaming PC to play it on. Left 4 Dead is a game set in a zombie apocalypse. Unlike most ...

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More maps and weapons could elevate this game 0

Left 4 Dead may not have any breakthroughs, but what it does have are all done right.  Choose from one of four characters who are survivors of what appears to be the beginning of a zombie outbreak.  There are only four maps to choose from as of the writing of this review, but they are all pretty much the same in general layout.  Basically you get a gun, and shoot zombies in the face until you can get rescued.  This may not sound like such a spectacular concept, but it is just so satisfying to sh...

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Hungry 4 More 0

Left 4 Dead. It was insane how hyped up I was for this game. It has been in development for three or four years now, and I was on board from the very beginning. The concept is so basic, yet Valve again does an incredible job of making a simple concept something extraordinary, but the thing is, there just isn't enough.It's simple, get from point A to point B without dieing. Oh yeah, you might have to kill one or two HUNDRED zombies to get there. These aren't your Resident Evil, slow, shuffling, d...

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This is the closest you'll find to Dawn of the Dead. 0

Left 4 Dead really captures what it would be like in a zombie apocolypse. Unlike Resident Evil's slow and solitary zombies Left 4 Dead gives the new "28 Days Later" type of zombies. These zombies are quick and if you don't defend yourself you can easily get swarmed. Playing with four random people also captures the feel of being in a group of four random survivors. However many times itdepends on the people you play with. People who refuse to use mics or play as a team can severally hinder your ...

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Absolutely awesome. 0

It’s tough to not associate Valve with quality at this point, so it’s no surprise to see that their latest, Left 4 Dead, is completely awesome. It successfully blends the cinematic and grandiose qualities of their single-player epics with the social and competitive chaos that’s associated with all great multi-player games. Even more, all of this is set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and all the potential dread and intensity associated with this setting is completely and utterly exploited. I...

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Best. Zombie Apocalypse. Ever. 0


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A brilliant shooter everyone should experience 0

Left 4 Dead, although not a pure Valve developed game, does exemplify Valve's brilliant track record of outstanding game design brilliantly. This co-op zombie shooter is so exceptionally designed that it should be held up as an example to all potential game developers as a master class in pacing, level and sound design, A.I., and game design in general, because in these categories, few games spring to mind that can top it.But away from the technical side, Left 4 Dead is an extremely fun game to ...

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Reloading! 0

Whenever Valve announces a game, they tell you everything beforehand, maybe leave one thing hidden for some other event and go silent. Absolute dead on silent. Pretty much the same thing happened with Left 4 Dead. They told what they needed to: AI Director, Co-op, Zombies and more Zombies. Then they announced Versus later on. Had some playable stations at events and thats it. Valve never hypes their own game up and suprisingly, whenever they release the game, it gets everyone excited because its...

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Co-op, zombies, what more could you ask for? 0

There have been multiple attempts at making a game based on Co-op, and almost every time with ether bad, or very mixed results. Well famous game studio Valve, behind the Half-Life series, has delivered a fantastic game. Left 4 Dead delivers probably the best new multiplayer experience out of any game in 2008. Left 4 Dead is a four player Co-op game that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. There's not really any story to the game, it's main focus is the game play. So don't expect some mind ...

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The Dead Roam the Net. 0

Zombies are easily in the top ten of popular culture icons that all geeks, nerds, and activists seem to never get enough of. Right up there with the likes of pirates and ninjas, zombies, and the zombie game, are usually a dime a dozen in the video game market, with some type of flesh eating monstrosity stalking you in droves as you avoid their presence through gunplay or running away. A tired but true formula, the guys over at Valve decided to take it and morph it into a fun, albeit limited co-...

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Left 4 Dead 0

It's a scientific fact that the zombie apocalypse is coming, and soon. The arrival of Left 4 Dead marks the beginning of what is hopefully a long line of games by Valve, the 'gaming artists' behind a few of my favourite games, such as Portal and Team Fortress 2, as well as resounding classics Half-Life and Counter Strike. Here, the robust Source engine displays not portal guns, flamethrowers or Vortigaunts: we have a brilliantly realised, post-apocalyptic world teeming with hordes of the undead....

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Lack of length and content makes L4D a rental 0

Pros:-Co-op game play can be fun-Zombies attack from random spots which keeps you on your toes-Some interesting game play design ideasCons:-Too short and not enough levels or content to justify a purchase-Little variety in zombies, weapons, or environments-SP mode is a joke-Friendly AI is terrible-Game play grows repetitiveLeft 4 Dead takes a classic idea and tries to make it it's own, 4 survivors trying to make there way through a zombie out break through it's 4 campaigns; A hospital, an air-po...

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Like having a beer in the backyard, but with a mouse in your hand 0

When I think FPS, I normally think 15-20 weapon types, at least half of them with an alternate firing mode, 15-20 minutes of mowing down the same enemy with a different hat, pants, or skin color over and over until you reach a room on the other side of the map with a guy in a wifebeater who can take 50-60 solid shots to the chest and head before he finally either dies or jumps in a chopper laughing and disappears until you fight him a second time in a later level, and then he has a rocket launch...

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Love it 0

I love this game! Great game to play online with your friends and is always great fun.  Not a great fan of the horde update and would have prefered new levels to play in campaign mode, but otherwise it would be 5 stars....Great quippy quotes which keep my husband occupied for hours...  ...

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I love this game.I got the demo for this game back in october, and played it pretty much all the time. The fact that there was only 2 parts of 1 level to play and only the campaign, did not decrease my enjoyment at all, and when I ran out of demo, it wasn't until christmas I got the full game, due to a lack of money income on my part.Now I have the game, and I enjoy it even more than I did when I had the demo. However, I find a lack of my friends play the campaign, which I prefer to the versus m...

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Slightly brain-dead. 0

When you break Left 4 Dead down to its core components it's a relatively basic game; you grab some items, run through a level shooting countless common infected, fight a few special infected, and eventually seek shelter at the next safe house ad nauseam. Left 4 Dead has a bare bones selection of weapons and items at your disposal, so playing it by yourself gets very old, very quickly. Fortunately Left 4 Dead has an exceptionally well-realized cast of playable characters and a fantastic online co...

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Left 4 Dead 0

Quite brilliant. A tense, absorbing and addictive game, that benefits a great deal from the organic integration of co-operative play and fantastic level design. While there's no written narrative to speak of, this allows players to create their own stories every single play through. And there's plenty of incentive to go back and play through time and time again. One of my very favourite games of this generation....

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Cold drink to the kidneys. Console FPS man vigor!!! 0

SHAKE DAT BEAR   I used to play a lot of FPS games. I grew up on id classics breaking my mind into PC gaming goodness. PC games were the shit cause of their adult subject matter and badass gameplay.  I was a PC gamer for life.  3dFX and all that Voodoo graphics shit was cool when I was in elementary and high school but once I went to college my broke ass stopped the PC gaming. My wallet couldn't keep up with the technology and I had studying to do SONN!!  I drifted away from the PC to stick to m...

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Mmmm, Smoker Dust 0

There is no better indicator of what kind of year 2008 was with releases of shooters that treaded new ground in platforming, role-playing, and the infected taking over the world one campaign at a time. In the latter’s case, it also pushed multiplayer into an interesting direction. Credit to Valve for not only making a technically impressive game, but for proving that a game could be built around multiplayer without having to be an MMO. The heavily discussed AI director does some things I like, a...

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An instant classic in the Survival Horror/ Shooter genre 0

Where to start? Left 4 Dead was a game I had been anticipating for a very long time ever since I had seen the first video of gameplay on the Internet. It was a game that was going to push the hardware of 360's and PC's to the limit. It did just that. Left 4 Dead is in my opinion the best Survival Horror/ Shooter released to date. It's going to be a game that will be very hard to trump by other franchises that enter this genre in the years to come.  The gameplay of Left 4 Dead is top notch. It h...

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Left 4 Dead, an experience you won't forget! 0

In short: It's a great shooter that's different every time you re play it. Although I do feel like it has no real story, it only adds to the replay value in my opinion. It's a game you can play over and over again and still find it just as fun as the first time you play it.Gameplay: I had no problem going back to play it, the controls are simple, and make the annihilation of the disease carrying zombies the center piece of the game. The guns aren't that bad either - although there's a lack of va...

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"Left 4 Dead" is the surprise hit of the year 0

At PAX 2008, I saw a booth for "Left 4 Dead" and passed it by, thinking it was some lame adaptation of "House of the Dead" from my childhood arcade days. Boy, did I eat my words. "Left 4 Dead" is without a doubt the surprise hit of the year. This game came from nowhere to deliver a zombie-slaying experience like no other. The campaign consists of four separate missions cast as different B-movie horror flicks, complete with purposefully cheesy titles (but featuring the same cast members). This s...

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Great with friends 1

It is a great game co-op is the thing whats it does different from other games is it creates a atmosphere like no other. okay so your playing with four friends on xbox live (assuming you have that many lol just kidding)  you will be yelling at each other telling each other things like "HELP KILL THAT SMOKER HE HAS ME AHHH!!" or "YOU IDIOT STAY WITH THE GROUP!!!" thing like that tons of fun but my only complaint is there is only four movies to play so the awesome-ness is limited. So a buy yes def...

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Valve is still king of the FPS genre. 1

Valve’s latest First Person Shooter Left 4 Dead takes place two weeks after the outbreak of a zombie virus. We are introduced to four survivors: Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey. We are not given any details to their back stories or the cause of the zombie infestation. Rather, this intense multiplayer experience focuses on co-operative online play, in which players can take the role of a survivor across four campaigns. They can battle enemy teams in Versus Mode, switching between the role of the In...

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Game of the Year. 0

I have played most of the big dogs this year, and while all of them were good, they were all also something  most of us have played before; in other words, they were sequels. Gears 2 I thought was fantastic, but after beating the campaign and completing the Horde mode I sort of lost interest. I find this very ironic because Left 4 Dead has been said to lack content, but Gears 2 doesn't, and some how I got easily bored with Gears and not Left 4 Dead. It does come short in the content category, bu...

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Now's your chance to play hero. 0

I know in my youth whenever I watched zombie horror movies I thought to myself 'I think I could handle myself if this happened to me.' It might only be a game, but Left 4 Dead is what you could essentially call a Zombie Apocalypse Simulator and one fantastic one at that. Left 4 Dead is the newest venture from Valve Software which puts players in the role of a survivor trying to escape from hordes of Zombies. The game allows you to play as one of four characters. You have Francis, the tough bike...

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One of the best games to play when your friends come over! 0

 What a rocking game! My friend and and i can't seem to get enough of it. Choosing your fave character, getting out in the streets, and killing the undead is awesome. The game has no straight story. The main plot is that a zombie apocalypse has hit the world, and everyone is infected. You are one of the four survivors, who have to get to a rescue point in each level. The greatest thing in the game is you'll never get scared, but you'll always be tensed, especially when you hear the witch cryin...

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Efficient and refined, L4D is sure to please anyone with a brain. 0

L4D is a hard game, no doubt about it. In this game only cooperation with your teammates will keep you alive in the gruesome zombie apocalypse. If you try to be a lone wolf you'll most likely get killed by a hunter or smoker (some of the special infected).With L4D, Valve has trimmed the fat and only left the meaty awesomeness. There are only a few weapons to chose from and a few levels to mess around on, but it all feels incredibly sharp and polished. Similarly, the graphics perform well and are...

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Eat your heart out Resident Evil...literally 0

Put yourself in the middle of a city in the grips of a full scale zombie cluster-fuck. And what you get is Left 4 Dead.In this shooter you get game design not normally seen on consoles. We are all used to having a few AI characters who get in our way as we blow through aliens or russians, but now you better not be running ahead. This game on the easy difficulty is your typical shooter, grab some guns, grab a health-pack, and don't stop shooting. Play on a higher difficulty and you will die. Hord...

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Killing Zombies has Never Been so Great 0

Valve has once again mastered the art of multiplayer gaming when they released Left 4 dead for Xbox 360 and PC. Left 4 dead takes cooperative gameplay and combines it with good 'ol fashioned zombie blasting. You and your friends play any of the 4 survivors and must survive the 4 campaigns released thus far by valve. You and your friends also have the option to play against others in versus mode where 4 can play as the infected boss zombies or play the survivors. The genius behind Left 4 dead is ...

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Zombie fun with friends! 0 Valve Corp. (Certain Affinity Xbox 360 version)
Release Date: November 18, 2008Rating: M for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language
Available On: PC, Xbox 360
Genre: First Person Shooter
Number of Players: 1-8 (online), 1-2 (local split screen)Strong Points: Online and offline play; fast pace; solid gameplay; easy drop-in-drop-out play; lots of humor; high replay value; well-crafted horror setting (lighting, sou...

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