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I have recently made it my misson to play all of the legacy of kain games in the franchise. After growing up and totally missing this entire franchise i think i owe it to them. I am writing very lenghy reviews on all of them aswell :) and so far i like them alot. im doing my best to review them from a modern persepective and seeing if they are still fun to play. and so far so good. :D    
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I really really liked Blood Omen 2, but sadly that's been the only one I've played in the series. Time to give your a reviews a read through ;)

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I always wished the Legacy of Kain games would have been made into Novels or something, so that I'd stop having to play through Soul Reaver 2 to try to understand the story.  Absolutely love the games when I'm not playing them, though.

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I agree with you so far. the fiction seems like the best part of this game. im alittle surpised nothing has been made for it. like a grafic novel would be great i would buy that in a heart beat
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just got done with Soul Reaver 2 and that game is fucking amazing! I'll start writing the review tomorrow or something. its gonna get 5 stars for sure i haven't played a game this good in a long time
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Best Voice-acting in any game ever I think. The story is also very nice, but the gameplay is so-so and people don't like watching cut-scenes too much I guess. Too bad these games didn't get a bigger following. Some of my favorites. Nice reviews btw!

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