One of best absolute best stories there is.

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For a while after finishing SR2 I couldn't even call what other games as stories, It really more than made up all of the many shortcomings the games had.

Voice overs were some of the best as well.

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by far my all time favorite franchise. soul reaver is my favorite game of all time. thats i'm trying to help edit the franchise page, but there doesn't seem to be a way to add characters or locations. i also wanted to add "Realm Shift" under concepts but i've yet to find a way to do so.

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Agreed.  Not only did this series have the best story of any game; it also had the best voice acting of any game.  But sadly, Amy Hennig left Crystal Dynamics, and the guy that voiced the Elder God died.  :(

The booming, malevolent voice of the Elder God was some of the best voice acting ever:

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ya know i don't care that amy is gone, i just want them to finish up the story. it deserves at least that.

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ThePhenomenal1 said:
"ya know i don't care that amy is gone, i just want them to finish up the story. it deserves at least that."
But Amy was the main one behind the story.
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The story was good but not the "best".

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I really think that the narrative in this series was way ahead of its time.  Even now, I would say that it holds up quite well against other similar experiences.  I don't know if the story is the 'best' ever, because there is a lot of subjectivity there.  What I will say is that Raziel is my favorite character from any game that I've ever played, and that makes quite a few.  I can't wait until the moderation system catches up a little bit so that I can add to this page.  I have some pending subs, but it's tough to tell right now whether someone else had submitted something similar or not.  

I have to say Crystal D, enough with the damn Tomb Raider.  I want some LoK in HD.
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just cuz amy was the one who wrote the series, doesn't mean you can't have someone else come in and create a good finish. i just want something better than the ending of defiance.

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Why?  Perhaps because it wasn't really an ending at all.

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i know. that wasn't an ending. theres still room for one more game. i just wish it could be made.

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I wholeheartedly agree.  Not only does the series have one of the best running stories in gaming but Raziel and Kain are two of the best characters ever created by the medium.  A whole lot of that is the great voice work but I also love their visual design.  So striking.

The gameplay in the series is ok but honestly the games are only worth playing because of the excellent story.  Defiance was a very mediocre game that I was pulled through as I NEEDED to know what happened.  Granted it's been a few years since I've played it but I felt pretty ok with the way Defiance ended.  The Raziel arc of the story felt complete even if it was bittersweet.  And though there is obviously more of Kain's story that could be told, I didn't feel like it needed to be told.  I remember feeling at the time that it was a bit like a "hero riding off into the sunset" ending.

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Yep, I have always thought that the LoK story is one of of the best stories in any media, not just video games.  Its simply fantasic and completely engrossing.  I was okay with the ending to Defiance, however, I was still thinking "please let there be another one.  The story has to continue!"

And to be honest, I thought the gameplay was fine.

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i loved the legacy of kain games so much, i named my cat Janos.

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The cutscenes in soul reaver 2 are burned into my memory, so good....

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