Some Legacy of Kain questions

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I just finished Soul Reaver 1 for the first time(thank you PSN) and  Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance for the second time.But there are some things that still have me confused.
 1.At the end of Soul Reaver 2,Kain and Raziel were in the time period where Moebius was still alive(before his death by Kain in Blood Omen 1).How is it in Defiance that not only is Raziel with the Elder God when in Soul Rever 2 he was still in the Sarafan castle(albeit in the spectral realm) but also that he lost five hundred years(he didn't use a chronoplast) and that 500 years later from Soul Reaver 2 that Moebius is still alive?
2.Why is is that after Raziel feeds on a soul(in the beginning of Defiance) and the Elder God says that he may leave the spectral realm does he try to prevent Raziel from leaving it? 
3.Why are both Raziel and Kain so willing to believe the Hylden/Vampire champion prophecy?The Vampire champion looks more like Raziel than Kain,afterall both are blue while the Hylden champion looks more like Kain,they're both white.Then there's the Soul Reaver.Sure the Hylden champ may have a firey sword while the vampire champ may have the soul reaver but both raziel and kain possess the soul reaver so you would think kain and raziel would be more apprehensive of the prophecy.
4..Why does Raziel not tell either Vorador or Janos that Kain will allow the Pillars to topple thus allowing the Hylden to escape their imprisonment or any other  warnings of future events that could possibly avert such catastrophic outcomes?Out of every character that he's met Raziel only trusts Janos and Vorador,you would thick he would return that trust and not hide such important info when Raziel demands information from both of them.
5.In soul reaver 2 when kain spared raziel from being imprisoned in the reaver,how did that one act so drastically change his history?I saw a walkthrough of Blood Omen 2 and saving raziel from the reaver didn't seem to factor into the changes in kain's history or the story at large for Blood Omen 2.

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I actually took the time to beat the entire series (awesome games) and I'll try and answer these.
1. Moebius serves the Elder God. So he was resurrected from his battle from Kain in the first Blood Omen. As you can see by the end of Defiance, Raziel devours Moebius' soul, effectively finishing him off for good. And yes, he did remain those 500 years with the Elder God, trying to escape his fate from being consumed by the reaver.
2. The Elder God notices that Raziel doesn't want to serve him, and tries to escape to pursue his destiny. What the Elder God wants is to keep Raziel as his hunter, but as Raziel rebels, the Elder God tries to stop him.
3. Kain believed in the "edge of the coin", a solution which would not only guarantee his reign over Nosgoth, but to also keep it from  decaying unto corruption. In fact, the entire series (except the Blood Omen games) are played through with Kain's plan in mind. Kain didn't kill Raziel out of jealousy in the first Soul Reaver as you may know, he did it thinking that by killing Raziel, he could unravel his destiny as the champion of the Ancient Vampires (who had wings) Of course Raziel never knew exactly what was Kain up to, until the very end of Defiance. Hence why they clashed a lot of times.
4. Remember, Vorador and Janos are technically "doomed" around this time. If you remember the events of BO1, Janos was already dead (he didn't have the Heart of Darkness) and Vorador ended up slain by Moebius' crusade. All Raziel wanted was to reanimate Janos before these events happened so he could get some answers.

5. For an explanation to that, you have to go to Defiance. Remember the Hylden who ends up possessing Janos and fights you as a boss? Well he goes back in time. This ends creating an alternate timeline where he defeats the Soul Reaver wielding Kain using the Nexus Stone, a powerful artifact that can nullify the reaver's effects. The Hylden then continue their crusade against the vampires, hence why there's only a few left there. This ends up being Blood Omen 2.

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ArrenDusk: Thanks for that post, im so interested in the story line of those games but cant be stuffed to really play  the games. I should really  look for a full story somewhere on the net.  
I wish it was a book... 

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lol @ Johnny  
I have Legacy of Kain, played it for awhile, then just stopped.. dunno why. WIsh I didn't have an assload of games to finish this gen yet... or i'd go back and beat the hell outta it.

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I remember seeing some making-of doco for Soul Reaver 1 back in the day. It had Odo from Deep Space Nine doing voiceover work in a recording booth. At one point, he stops to ask "Is this for a CD-ROM? There's a lot of talking." This made me think "Hey Odo, how can you not know why you're recording dialogue? Did you just roll in off the street drunk as hell and just start barking shit into a microphone?". 
Hope this helps.
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I don't have answers, because it's been a while since I've played them; but I'll say that those were some of the best games I played on the PS1.

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So I checked this site, called Giantbomb (its a site about video games), and the  Legacy of Kain Franchise page  has some awesome info and a really well done timeline. Most likely from the user Killjoi.

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 Thank you 
Thank you

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