Will there ever be another one of these awesome games? Spoilers

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The last iteration was on the PS2 and they left some things hanging. What will happen to the elder gods? What will be the fate of the Hylden. What is Kain's next move. Will Raziel be trapped in the sword forever?

Haven't all the other LOK games made decent money? Why did they just abandon this amazing IP at such a critical time in the story. I feel that there is room enough for one more game to close this book in a respectable way. I know the original author, Amy Hennig, works for Naughty Dog now, but can't they find a way to do without her.

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@s10129107: I'm fairly certain Crystal Dynamics is now owned by Square Enix. What if... what if Square Enix made the next Legacy of Kain game? I've wet myself.

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