Any old fans of Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder here?

#1 Posted by Fearbeard (801 posts) -

I am ecstatic for this release. I've always been partial to these old corridor crawlers and we don't see too much like them these days. I think I still have my SNES version of Dungeon Master sitting around somewhere, and I'm pretty sure I still have my CD's for Anvil of Dawn and Lands of Lore.

#2 Posted by Shivoa (595 posts) -

It is not inconceivable that my copy of Dungeon Master is still in my parent's attic, but the 5.25" floppy discs wouldn't make it very easy to play on a modern PC.

Looking forward to this release too, the reviews coming out are very positive.

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Looking forward to playing this, also found this, seems heavy with spoilers so only watch if you ok with that.

Tip’s for those that are going to get the game but never played Dungeon Master or the like;

  • Use your environment to your advantage
  • Fight in corridors if you’re going up against multiple mobs
  • If 1 v 1 use an open room to keep moving
  • Keep moving! Timing your movements to when the mob attacks can save your health
  • Be ready for fights, have your ranged guys ready and your mage already to throw the first few spells
  • Keep moving! Remember you can move backwards
  • Doors (to be confirmed) can damage mobs too
  • Floor traps can damage or kills mobs, if they survive the fall be ready for them on the next level
  • (to be confirmed) use the traps around the dungeon to damage your foes
  • Remember to eat!
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@Shivoa: The Dungeon Master encyclopaedia here actually has a fan made recreation of the game.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'll probably give it a look once I'm done with Grimrock

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I remember playing eye of the beholder and dungeon master back in the day. Will be nice to relive those experiences with upgraded graphics.

Though I will let the computer do the mapping. I really dont miss doing maps that much.

#6 Posted by LiquidSword (73 posts) -

I never played Dungeon Master because I wasn't born yet (only 20 years old), but when I was really young, around 5 or 6, I would play Stonekeep with my mom. Some of my best memories as a kid are going through Stonekeep. Really excited to play this today!

#7 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

No, but I've played 30 hours or so of The Dark Spire. I made it all the way to the third floor!

#8 Posted by artgarcrunkle (971 posts) -

Got my graph paper and pencil ready, son.

#9 Posted by Fearbeard (801 posts) -


yeah, I have no qualms about letting the computer do the mapping. I actually didn't make maps very often unless the games had random encounters like Wizardry where you had to minimize the number of steps you took or constantly be in combat.

#10 Posted by JasonR86 (9367 posts) -

This looks pretty neat. I remember playing the hell out of Eye of the Beholder on the Sega-CD. It would be nice to play this type of RPG on a system that can really take advantage of it.

#11 Posted by IAmNotBatman (614 posts) -

I played the shit out of Lands of Lore a while back, might have to go back to it since all I can remember of it now is Patrick Stewart's voice. This game looks great and I hope it sells well 'cos you don't see this style of gameplay very often.

#12 Posted by Ravenlight (8033 posts) -

I have no experience with Dungeon Master and the like but I'm installing Grimrock when I get home and expect I'll stay up late playing it.

#13 Posted by tourgen (4228 posts) -
@Fearbeard HELL YES!! I played dungeon master on an Amiga 500, Atari st (friend's) and just last year in dosbox.

EoB games are great too

GOG has a lot of the other good ones too, which is great but has soaked some cash out of me

I can't wait to play Grimrock.
#14 Posted by doobie (605 posts) -

i played a lot of DM and Chaos Strikes Back on the Atari ST

but i preferred Captive

#15 Posted by dvdhaus (354 posts) -

This game looks kinda cool. Never got into Eye of the Beholder, even though I own it. Might check this out.

#16 Posted by Patman99 (1543 posts) -

I've been playing this game all day. It's a great throw-back to more traditional computer games but is still accessible enough for new comers. I highly recommend it. One thing to remember while playing is that while it is tile based, it is not turn-based. I had trouble with the first strong enemies because I would just sit there and take every hit. Gotta keep moving in order to survive later stages. The game is also rife with interesting and semi-challenging riddles and puzzles. One negative is that the controls are initially fairly clunky but easily mastered after the first few stages.

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I tried playing the SNES version of Eye of the Beholder as a kid but could never figure out what to do.

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I've never played any games of this genre unless you count Arx Fatalis (which is more of an indirect homage) but I'm shitting bricks over the prospect of playing this thing. I have no idea why! The damn pre-order activated the minute I left for work last evening, so I'm just sitting at work now and waiting for the minutes to go by so I can go home and play it.

#19 Posted by Fenrir (22 posts) -

The EoB games were easily the favourite games of my childhood, and I played Stonekeep too but never got around to completing it. Really enjoying Grimrock at the moment on the 3rd level. The one slightly dissapointing side of it is that the RPG system isnt as deep as EoB with far fewer choices on character creation etc, (there's no clerics :S - I'm guessing the mages have life magic or something somewhere down the road).

But levelling up is better than it was, and I'm just happy to be playing this kind of game again in 2012.

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