As someone who has never played a dungeon crawler before...

#1 Posted by Barrock (3747 posts) -

This game rocks socks. But man, fuck spiders.

#2 Posted by D_W (1360 posts) -

Running away to fight enemies one on one seems to work pretty well. Those that spider section can be tricky since some secret areas open up behind you with more spiders in it. Love it!

#3 Posted by JackSukeru (6052 posts) -

Room full of spiders.

Pull chain to open gate.

*Whack* *Dunk* *Shiv* *Cast Poison Cloud*

Pull chain to close gate.

Wait a few seconds.


#4 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

@Barrock: That's great to hear! I wasn't sure how well it would go with people who hadn't played this style of game before. Personally I wouldn't be all that unhappy to see them come back in style a little bit. Maybe with some new twists.

Yeah those spiders. Dealing with them in tight quarters is a little hard.

#5 Edited by jakob187 (22290 posts) -

You think spiders are a problem?

Wait until you get to the fire elementals. FUCK fire elementals!

I'm on the 8th floor right now. That shit is not joking around anymore.

It's really cool to hear that someone who has never played a proper dungeon crawler is really digging it. I feel like I need to blow the guys at Almost Human for making such a fantastic fucking game.

#6 Posted by BigChickenDinner (787 posts) -

I'm in the same boat as the OP. Well, except I've played D&D, with paper.

I'm such a nerd. :(

#7 Posted by HotSauceMagik (277 posts) -

This game is awesome for sure...but I wonder how much room there is in the market for it? I'm sure we shall see as many devs will see this as their proof that this type of game is ready to be sold again and try their hand at it. I haven't finished this dungeon yet but I'm really looking forward to playing some user create/new dungeons.

#8 Posted by JustKamToo (803 posts) -

According to an interview with pcgamer the developer ‘almost human’ has already recouped their costs for the game and then some. Great news for almost human and great news for future updates to the game.

#9 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

@Barrock said:

... fuck spiders.


#10 Posted by SatelliteOfLove (1379 posts) -
 I'll just leave this here. :D
#11 Posted by D_W (1360 posts) -
haha nice!
#12 Posted by Grimhild (758 posts) -

@BigChickenDinner said:

I'm in the same boat as the OP. Well, except I've played D&D, with paper.

I'm such a nerd. :(

You say that like it's a bad thing. I still play D&D, with paper.

Yes, I'm enjoying all these throwbacks getting released, or Kickstarted. When I saw there was a hunger mechanic in LoG, I had a touch of PTSD from Betrayal at Krondor's poisoned rations.

#13 Posted by BigChickenDinner (787 posts) -

@SatelliteOfLove: The best part about that is it looks shockingly like my first time there.

#14 Posted by Martin3 (8 posts) -

My first game like this also. Got to level 3 and started over with a better team layout. On level 6 now, can't wait to see what happens with user made dungeons and DLC.

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