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#51 Posted by ADAMWD (674 posts) -

Looking at Twitter, Dave and Vinny have both been playing this, so maybe when Vinny gets back we'll see a QL.

#52 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -
#53 Edited by benspyda (2109 posts) -

Game gets real hard real fast. My apm isn't high enough to choose my attacks for all four members and hop around the chessboard like a rabbit. I tried different character builds to no avail. Does anyone know if its like Dark Souls and at some point the combat just clicks, or is it what you see is what you get?

@supamon: I got past the spiders Vinny mentioned but the next level down, those two mushroom dudes destroy me.

#54 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2532 posts) -

You guys do know they don't have a PC in the office, right? How are they going to do a quick look without a pc?

#55 Posted by benspyda (2109 posts) -

@yoshimitz707 said:

You guys do know they don't have a PC in the office, right? How are they going to do a quick look without a pc?

They could get one you know. Buying a PC isn't rocket science.

#56 Posted by DoctorWelch (2817 posts) -

Hey we really miss you, and you need to come back and quicklook this with :D

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themonkeybutler themonkeybutler
@enemykite Do you guys have a Quick Look PC yet? On the fence about Grimrock.
Dave Snider enemykite
@themonkeybutler Coming this week.
andrew weyer weyera
@enemykite any chance for a grimrock QL? Not sure if you guys have a pc yet, but would be nice to see it in action.
Dave Snider enemykite
@weyera It's coming this week.
#58 Edited by djvelho (35 posts) -

playing this game about 3 or 4 hours. cant recall exactly the time but this is awesome game.

waiting to see what giantbomb people has to say about this one.....quick look fast!!! :)

and also in gaming news:

Dev. quote:

“The development costs of the game have now been covered many times over so the future of the company seems pretty secure. So, everyone who has bought our game and supported us, you have our gratitude!”

#59 Posted by BeachThunder (13067 posts) -

Yay, finally :o

#60 Posted by FetchTheDubliners (17 posts) -

@Mercanis: Ask and you shall recieve!

#61 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2704 posts) -

Demands a longer Quicklook!

Just kidding.

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