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So I know this game came out a while ago but I picked it up during the sales and just got around to it. As I started picking my team I noticed they had an option to import your own pics to use as the player icons, so with there being 4 character slots I thought who better to use than Giantbombs own O.Gs!! Found the images from this awesome thread, cropped them to the sized specified and boom the game became 775 million times more awesome by changing it from the generic characters. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this but I haven't seen anything here so figured I'd share and maybe get some people to try it out! Here's a couple quick screen cap I took.

Oh and completly unitentionally but Brad was the first to die... Oops.

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Why is Vinny holding a sword? Surely he's a wizard?

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@DizzyMedal: I thought about that but I ended up going with Vinny as the human swordsman, Ryan as the fisticuffs minotaur, Brad as the lizard assassin and Jeff as an insect mage.

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Okay. That is a brilliant idea. That makes LoG so much better. Even if it was awesome to begin with, you've just crafted the supreme mixture.

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Brad sucks at the game. Should have read the tutorials.

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@EarlessShrimp: Yea it just feels like this was they way it was meant to be played.

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