Most Hated Enemy?

#1 Posted by Silver-Streak (1520 posts) -

While taking a break on Grimrock, I've been collecting my thoughts on it, possibly for a review.

I have made it past level 6, have faced Trolls, giant enemy crabs, acidic slimes, flying not-wyverns, skeletal warriors, and more.

But past all of those, my most hated enemy? The goddamned giant spiders.

I have no issues with spiders, and in fact tolerate them far more then most people I know. In Grimrock, however, they move faster than any other enemy I've encountered, cause poison, which I feel is the worst status effect in the game, and squeal like tormented swine.

Anyone have similar/differing opinions on their most hated enemy in the game?

#2 Posted by Cheesebob (1285 posts) -

I dislike the 4 skeleton warrior dudes, they are a killer. Literally.

#3 Posted by BeachThunder (13168 posts) -

I've only encountered one ogre, but I hated him; why did he have to be so mean to me ;__;

#4 Posted by HotSauceMagik (277 posts) -

Yeah. I nearly shit myself when I saw that ...4 skelly dude(s?). Took me a while to take them out and they took down like half my party twice. The spiders aren't too bad once you pick up a decent weapon. You can take em down in 2-3 rounds usually.

#5 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -

Yeah the 4 skeleton soldiers are giving the most trouble so far.

#6 Posted by Silver-Streak (1520 posts) -

So maybe we should turn this into a help thread.

Circle Strafe the Skeleton Soldiers. Also, they seem to hate Electricity. Maybe from the metal armor?

#7 Posted by Nardak (740 posts) -

There is an antidote recipe for the poison. Makes the spiders far less annoying.

Also having a mage makes large groups of mobs much easier since the spells affect all the mobs in a group.

#8 Posted by Ares42 (3028 posts) -

Seen a lot of hate for the spiders, personally I disliked the poison cloud fungus guys (not the spitters) more. Also, you meet some other stuff further down (don't wanna spoil) that's a bitch to deal with if you're fighting several monsters.

#9 Posted by primalmaster (91 posts) -

I'd have to say either the slimes or the spiders, as for the 4 skeletons they are pretty easy cause they are slow and a good fireball can do massive damage to all 4 of them. So far the room full of spiders and the room full of slimes gave me the most trouble.

And then there is the small green scorpionísh looking things which are a pain cause both times i've run into them they came in groups of 15+, twice that ammount maybe in the fighters challenge room.

#10 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Fucking spiders. The fast movement or poison on their own aren't bad but combined they are a recipe for pure hatred.

#11 Posted by gike987 (1811 posts) -

I found the four undead soldiers easy. They are slow and easy to circle strafe and magic can damage all four. So far I have found the Herders that creates poison clouds the most annoying to fight, it's easy to get cornered when avoiding the clouds.

#12 Posted by deerokus (598 posts) -

Those accursed spiders. Damn them.

#13 Posted by ThornBlackstar (44 posts) -

ive only come across 2 sets of the four skeleton soldiers, and for both i dropped emm down a pit and then felldown after ontop of emm to insta kill emm, Spiders so far have been a huge pain.

#14 Posted by D_W (1393 posts) -

I don't have too much trouble against any single titled enemy or group of enemy. Its when there are three or four enemies chasing me that things get tough.

#15 Posted by RubberFactory (306 posts) -

Fucking Spiders!

#16 Edited by WilltheMagicAsian (1547 posts) -

Food, with Slimes coming in close second.

But seriously, I'm running out of eats.

#17 Posted by Omnomnivore (2945 posts) -

The steam purchase button. For some reason it won't accept my Paypal purchase and I cannot play the game :(

#18 Edited by WilltheMagicAsian (1547 posts) -

@ccampb89 said:

The steam purchase button. For some reason it won't accept my Paypal purchase and I cannot play the game :(

Buy it off the developers website and you'll get a Steam key.

#19 Posted by Shirogane (3594 posts) -

Spiders, GODAMN SPIDERS. Why do game developers feel the need to put giant spiders in EVERY RPG EVER? And then go to the effort of animating them in the most disturbing ways possible, AAAARRRGH EFF SPIDERS!

#20 Posted by Patman99 (1637 posts) -

Spiders, and Skeleton Legionnaires are a welcomed sight after you have to face Ogres, and those god damn flying electrical things. I would take spiders over those guys any day of the week.

#21 Posted by GreggD (4585 posts) -

@Eujin: Dude, spiders are the FUCKING WORST in this game. I just got to the level where they're introduced, and it's terrible. I forgot that poison would be a thing in this game. And now I'm upset.

#22 Posted by WilltheMagicAsian (1547 posts) -

@GreggD said:

@Eujin: Dude, spiders are the FUCKING WORST in this game. I just got to the level where they're introduced, and it's terrible. I forgot that poison would be a thing in this game. And now I'm upset.

I just got to the crabs and man do they hit hard, I'd kill for some spiders right now.

#23 Posted by phampire (292 posts) -

spiders are pretty rough atm, they attack hard and inflict poison. Carelessness with spiders gets you killed quick!

#24 Posted by Lake (140 posts) -

Crabs because they do a lot of damage and they can move sideways.

#25 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -

Opened door

Spider : "Oh hai there"


Close door

Fuck spiders

#26 Posted by Barrock (3764 posts) -

I entered the one room with the 3 or 4 of them and just went "Aww fuck this". and shut that door down.

#27 Posted by phampire (292 posts) -

you can abuse some doors to get rid of a bunch of spiders. open them land about 2 hits/spells and close the door. rinse and repeat.

#28 Posted by beardfish (119 posts) -

@Lake: You have no idea how happy it makes me that the crabs move sideways, however I'm sure there I will be murdered.

#29 Posted by ThornBlackstar (44 posts) -

further in im rethinking my stance, cant decide it the fire elements or the ice lizards are worse... or the 7x7 room u port in the center of every single square around u has a little lizard around u

#30 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -

I'm only at level four but spiders were damn annoying with their poison. Luckily I could out-live the poison but damn does it take you out fast if you're not aware.

#31 Posted by bunnymud (765 posts) -

Snails....because I haven't gotten any further than them

#32 Posted by ThornBlackstar (44 posts) -

kinda funny, been using the doors to midagate a lot of the packs, cheesing the encounter, theres enemy's later on that can use door :(

#33 Posted by D_W (1393 posts) -

I'll tell you, that first ogre you face... Well for people who haven't gotten there yet. Have fun running for your life!

#34 Posted by Raethen (181 posts) -

@phampire said:

you can abuse some doors to get rid of a bunch of spiders. open them land about 2 hits/spells and close the door. rinse and repeat.

I've used this trick so many times now. Works great on the crabs, and there is no way I could have beaten the first troll without it.

#35 Posted by Silver-Streak (1520 posts) -

My new words of wisdom for everyone: Ice Magic.

Once you're strong enough in it, your spells will start freezing enemies for at least 1-2 rounds of attacks.

#36 Posted by GloomyTangent (224 posts) -


If they sneak up behind you they clip through your view. THE SPIDER FORCES ITSELF INSIDE YOU. YOU WILL NEVER BE CLEAN.

#37 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -

The four skeleton dudes will fuck your shit up in a corridor, but man, FUCK THOSE SPIDERS.

Bastards get like 3 hits in before I can do one.

#38 Posted by FengShuiGod (1516 posts) -

People complaining about Spiders must be only three floors down. I beg for spiders. I've seen things, man. Horrible things. Things that make a spider look like a puppy. I've seen fiery demons and horrible ogres and fucking goddamn giant enemy crabs with no weak point and electrical wyverns....and......dear god.........

#39 Posted by D_W (1393 posts) -

I've encounter the fire elementals. Oh man... Slimes are a pain too because they always seem to attack the spot you're moving into.

#40 Posted by Sin4profit (3184 posts) -

I hated the robed Cthulhu dudes... mostly because i didn't know you could take down their shields...when i hit something with everything i have and it all turns up as 0 hit points i assume that's the game telling me you can't kill that enemy and you have to find a new tactic...looked up how to kill them and the answer breaks down to "keep hitting them until it matters" That's kind of annoying.

#41 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -

Yeah the robed dudes are nasty no doubt. Luckily they don't have so much HP.

#42 Posted by Horrifying (41 posts) -

Savor those first 4 floors. Spiders seem bad until you run into everything else. Fuck those thunder wyverns.

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