Release date announced!

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Okay so I am a psycho and I love first person dungeon crawlers ;p!? Either way they announced a release date for Grimrock in todays friday update and the game should be available in "early april 2012". Based on the dev comments from their new official forums it looks like the game will also be available on steam and at least a few other platforms. Sadly for mac users that version isn't going to be ready for a bit.

Update: Early April 2012 now equates to 4/11/2012

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I hope they drop a price for this soon, your post led me to check the overview/website and it looks pretty neat! If you're secretly doing some kind of Guerrilla Advertising for this game, it's worked on me.

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I just saw their blog post. Pretty excited! The game is looking GREAT.

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Been following this game for a while. Definitely a day 1 buy if it's on Steam.

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Is it grid based or does it include smoother walking?

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No idea about steam...

But it just went up for pre order on for the massive asking price of 11.99. Official release date is now 4/11/2012


@xyzygy: It is grid based but the animations are very smooth. Watch some of the gameplay video's on the grimrock site and you will see what I mean. It is basically a modern updated version of Dungeon Master.

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You can buy it straight from the developers here:

Same price as, comes with a DRM-free downloadble .exe and a Steam-key and all the goodies that come in GOG as well.

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As an update the grimrock site itself also confirms it will be available on steam for the same pricing is that floats your boat.

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Really looking forward to this, I played dungeon master so may times when I was a kid.

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Just pre-ordered directly through their site. Been a huge fan of grid based RPG crawlers since Dungeons of Daggorath on the CoCo2, so this is pretty much a no-brainer.

My favorite pre-order bonus: "Custom made grid paper to print out for all your mapping needs"

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I only just heard about this game because of the GOG update, but it looks pretty interesting.

Though I keep calling it the Legend of Grimlock, which would be a very different game.

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I totally pre-ordered earlier this morning! I've been following this game for what feels like forever. Could not be more stoked. Got my Steam key locked in and ready to go on the 11th!

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