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Finnish game at their finest

i never was a fan of this kind of games back in 90´s.mostly in doom and duke nukem type of games

but this game just been a plast.once again Finnish develobers done something unique that havent been done in long time.for example trine series is almoust based on the lost vikings games. so back to the old times i quess.

all other game that Finnish dev have been making is allways been new thing in gaming industry.

exm:alan wake,angry birds,max payne series....

this game is so much fun and also very good looking game.combat feels good and puzzle are sometimes easy, sometimes hard/very hard.enemies sometimes scares me when the pop out around the corner but that makes this game fun and looting stuff is also well done.light is done very well in these dark hallways.

ive been playing about 3-4 hours( i quess,avent cheked out) and theres something good coming in the next levels im sure of that. currently at level 5.

only minus point is what i could think of is that there is no level editor (yet)

that would propaply come in later on....

this is my first review that i have been done. like ever.

so im sorry for bad english and typos.not so good on english yet :)

keep on supporting this game! this game is worth every penny!!


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