theuselessgod's Legendary Wings (Nintendo Entertainment System) review

A fun shooter that does little to break the mold

The Short


- Two-player top down and side scrolling space shooter

- Uses regular shooting and bombs ala Xevious

- Has "State of the Art" and "High Resolution," according to the box

- Lots of good powerups and secrets

- Decent music

- The cover is a picture of an angel dude with one shoulder pad holding a future space gun


- Like every other space shooter on the NES

- The whole "cross legged pink guy" thing on the side-scrolling stage is a little weird

- Limited lives and continues

DARK, the world-ruling computer has gone rogue, and so it's time to send the angels

The Long

Legendary Wings is an NES port of the Capcom arcade game of the same name, and is pretty much another space shooter. However, where Legendary Wings differs from the multitude of others (Lifeforce, Gradius, etc.) is it's unique art style as well as the clever use of power-ups and mixing overhead with side-scrolling sections.

Legendary Wings is mostly played from a top-down perspective, where you play a some pink (or blue) angel...guy. With a gun. Enemies come in waves, and power-up enemies are specifically designated. As well as being able to shoot the air, you can drop bombs (like Xevious) to blow up enemies on the ground. Power-ups also double as extra hits, and every time you are attacked you go "down" a powerup level. The exception of this is when you get five power ups and turn into some big fire bird. Then you have a couple of hits before reverting back to sucky regular pink angel guy.

And you get to kill some dragons

The "trick" to Legendary Wings is the large number of secrets. Bombing certain area unlock caves where you can go and get bonus money, continues, and powerups. On the flip side, some of these caves are bad, which forces you to go through a challenging side-scrolling section before kicking you out exactly where you were. Rude.

Bosses recycle frequently, mostly being the "shoot the weak point when it is available" variety and then in different colors. You also fight dragons on the top-down view, which aren't particularly challenging.

What is memorable about this game is how silly the angels look in the side view stages. Seriously, why are they flying with their legs crossed? Why do their wings looked tacked on? Why are they lounging back with their guns like they are on some street corner trying to pick up ladies?

That just looks awkward.

All in all, if you like these kinds of games, Legendary Wings is certainly better than the droves of space shooter garbage that came out on the NES. It is better than it's arcade counterpart, and can be a lot of fun two-player. The game also gets very difficult very quickly (it wouldn't be an NES game if it didn't), so it can take several tries before you finally beat it.

Plus, it's state-of-the-art and high resolution! It says so right on the box!

I snagged my copy for $3, but I usually see it from $5-6. If you are a fan of these kinds of games, it's totally worth it. If I were to give it a score rating, it would be three out of five.

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