For anyone who bought this and is mad about the bugs...

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The developers are aware of the bugs and claim to be working hard to fix them in a timely fashion. Additionally, they have promised some sort of gift in response to the lack of functionality in the game at release.

Read more at the official site:

Additional information:

These guys have made some great games such as the Tropico franchise so try not to completely dismiss them because of a rocky start. I have a hard time thinking of more games that launched perfect than ones with issues out of the gate. At least they are acknowledging it and addressing it as quick as they can.

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Edit: I know I should have used are and not is in the title but I am unsure how to edit that now...sorry.

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I'm pretty sure is is fine in that sentence.

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Well, in fairness ... same publisher, different developer.

And I think the game needs more than some bugfixes ... it needs more transparency with the information, more clarity and more raw data displayed in a meaningful way. I can't see that happening with some tooltips.

Promises aside ... they need to take the Stardock route. Patch this one, get it working so it's a playable game. Then go back to the drawing board, address the problems and build a better game. When it's released ( be it next year or in four years )? Give it to everyone who purchased the original during this opening few weeks for free.

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I don't think Kalypso have done anything that gives them the right to ask for benefit of the doubt. The Tropico games are fun, but don't add a hell of a lot to the very old series they were reviving. Their other games don't really seem to have gotten anywhere.

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Apparently these guys came straight out of university, founded their own game company and released a game in three years. So I'm not saying you should cut them any slack, but you could at least see it coming.

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