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Legends of War: Patton's campaign is the first game in a planned Legends of War series, where each game will focus on a different historical military commander.

This game focuses on Patton's time leading U.S. troops from France to Berlin.


The game is set to encompass 35 missions with several mission types (attack, infiltration, defense, escort and ambush amongst others).

There are two main aspects to the game. There is a high-level strategy management angle where units are selected and placed before a battle. Once this is complete, the battle itself will start and go to a ground-level, turn-based strategy game to decide the battle.

While most of the game is reasonably historically accurate, there will be occasional powerups during a specific battle, as well as the ability to level up certain units during the course of the campaign.


The game debuted as a PSN download for PSP in 2010. In 2012 Enigma announced they had signed a deal with Matrix Games and Slitherine Software to publish both download and retail versions of the game for PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and PC.


As of 06/05/09, no specific downloadable extras have been announced.

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