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The formation of Legions date back to the 30th millennium, the Age of Strife, where the fall of galactic nation is coulpled with Terra becoming an uncivilized battle ground of bickering minor warlords. The Emperor of Man appeared as a messianic leader who seeded to retake the galactic empire. To do this, he created 20 more super-human generals to lead the existing army of super-human soldiers. These generals would poses some of Emperor's genetic code and good amount of his psychic powers. This was called the Primarch Project. However, the infant Primachs disappeared from the secrect base on Luna. Feeling the the Primarchs were still alive, the Emperor used the progress he had made with the Primach Project and made 20 units of more advanced, genetically engineered super-soldiers. Each unit was created from the DNA of one Primarch. These units would number from 10,000 to 15,000 Marines and would be called Space Marine Legions.

As the Emperor and the early Imperial Army regained the the galactic empire through the the Great Crusade, the lost Primarchs are found and take command of their respective Legion. Along with a Primarch, the Legions gain names.

No.Name(original name)PrimarchDetails
IDark Angels (The First)Lion El'JonsonLoyalist
IIUnknownUnknownRecords lost or destroyed
IIIEmperor's ChildrenFulgrimTraitor
IVIron WarriorsPerturaboTraitor
VWhite ScarsJaghatai KhanLoyalist
VISpace WolvesLeman RussLoyalist
VIIImperial FistsRogal DornLoyalist
VIIINight LordsKonrad CurzeTraitor
IXBlood AngelsSanguiniusLoyalist
XIron HandsFerrus ManusLoyalist
XIUnknownUnknownRecords lost or destroyed
XIIWorld Eaters (War Hounds)AngronTraitor
XIIIUltramarinesRoboute GuillimanLoyalist
XIVDeath Guard (Dusk Raiders)MortarionTraitor
XVThousand SonsMagnus the RedTraitor
XVIBlack Legion (Sons of Horus,Luna WolvesHorusTraitor
XVIIWord Bearers (Imperial Heralds)LorgarTraitor
XIXRaven GuardCoraxLoyalist
XXAlpha LegionAlpharius & OmegonTraitor

It is after the Horus Heresy that the Legions are broken up into smaller Chapters to help prevent future treachery.

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