Anyone else getting this?

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#1 Posted by McGriddle550 (348 posts) -

I just ordered a copy of Lego Batman 2 today, this will be my first lego game since the old star wars ones. I was just wondering if any of you duders is getting or has gotten the game and what your thoughts are? I cannot fucking wait for open world Batman made out of legos!

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#2 Posted by SASnake (498 posts) -

Just ordered mine today duder! As soon as I read you could roll around Gotham in the Batmobile and Jet I clicked the pre order button like WHAM!

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#3 Posted by wewantsthering (1651 posts) -
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#4 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

Definitely. I've been a fan of the Lego licensed games since the first Lego Star Wars.

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#5 Posted by morrelloman (639 posts) -

Yeah I am generally out on the Lego stuff. Though past games have been good. I wonder if they will do a QL. There is defintiely some buzz on this title though. Crazy how much they have been able to squeeze out of this concept.

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#6 Posted by NinjaDuckie (54 posts) -

Damn straight! Supes, Bats, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and a wide open hub spanning the entirety of Gotham City? You'd have to be mad not to buy this game.

OH, and also the minifigs are going to have voices for the first time instead of gesturing and TF2 Pyro mumbling everything.

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#7 Posted by deskp (507 posts) -

I got it and have finished the story and the majority of the free roam collectibles, free play left before 100%

Its a good games, but if youre expecting a revolution then its not all that. Its important to know its just the hub that is open world, not really missions.

The game is too focused on batman and Robin in my opinion, hope the possible sequel will be heavier on justice leage and other heroes besides so much batman.

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#8 Posted by BrockNRolla (1725 posts) -

My girlfriend loved the last one to death, so I'll probably pick it up for her. For me though? Meh.

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#9 Posted by SASnake (498 posts) -

@deskp: Lego Batman 2 is focused too much on Batman? WTF IS THIS FALSE ADVERTISING!

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#10 Posted by happenstance (517 posts) -

Ive been thinking about getting it but for some reason have been on the fence. I was hoping there would be a Quick Look up early to help me decide but i guess there was a delivery mix up or something.

Also I havent been able to decide between this and the Amazing Spider-Man game next week. I know they dont have the greatest track records lately but I always love swinging through New York in those games, even the crappy ones.

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#11 Posted by andriv (274 posts) -

if it gets a 1 hr trial on psn some day, i will give it a try, not completely sold on it

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#12 Posted by vaiz (3064 posts) -

No. No one else is getting this game. You are the only one.

(PS I am stoked as fuck on this game.)

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#13 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

I might get it. Big emphasis on might there.

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#14 Posted by fox01313 (5186 posts) -

Fan of the series & really enjoyed the last Lego Batman game though might just wait for gamefly to send it.

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#15 Posted by Landon (4137 posts) -

Didn't care for the Indiana Jones or Harry Potter games, but this looks different enough to give it a try.

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#16 Posted by Vexxan (4632 posts) -

Might pick this one up, I've been enjoying every LEGO game I've played so far.

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#17 Posted by ShaggE (8289 posts) -

Enjoyed the first one, and I rarely play the LEGO games, so I'm not burned out yet. I'll probably go PC on this one, since LEGO games look awesome all anti-aliased and whatnot.

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#18 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3663 posts) -

This game rules. I've been a huge fan of all of the Lego games.

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#19 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

Most definitely. It even comes with a Lex Luthor minifigure!

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#20 Edited by project343 (2895 posts) -

Bought it. Finished it. Loved it.

Then again, I'm a pretty big fan of the series (LEGO series in general, that is). Still got to 100% this one though.

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#21 Posted by RampageAssassin (438 posts) -

The demo and Superman theme sold me on this. I'll be picking it up tomorrow.

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#22 Posted by ObsideonDarman (825 posts) -

Huge fan of the LEGO Games. I thought the first LEGO Batman was seriously underrated. I pre-ordered it ages ago and can't wait to play it. For all my American friends who have already played it, did you get the Villain pack that came if you pre-ordered with Amazon? I was just looking to know how the minifigs looked.

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#23 Posted by corruptsaves (284 posts) -

There's a chance I might get this, haven't really felt a need since the PS2. Maybe I'm just getting hungry for something on a console.

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#24 Posted by krazy_kyle (740 posts) -

I'm soo tempted to buy it but, you know, it's Lego...

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#25 Edited by deskp (507 posts) -



Black manta: link

Bizarro and captain cold link

General grodd and Black atom link

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#26 Posted by ProfessorEss (7952 posts) -

Someday years down the road. I still want to get to Star Wars III and Pirates first.

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#27 Posted by ObsideonDarman (825 posts) -

@deskp said:



Black manta: link

Bizarro and captain cold link

General grodd and Black atom link

Your a Legend. Thanks a lot man!

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