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Hey Bombastic Buddies, I got a really big question about this game that's been bugging me - is Hawkman in this? I've watched all the trailers but haven't seen anything about him. This is VERY IMPORTANT to me so please reply ASAP.

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I haven't got the game yet, but on a list thats out there (that I think is from the official guide) him and Hawkgirl are both in it.

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He isn't part of the story but you can purchase him for freeplay when you got enough bold bricks.

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aquaman is there also a a joke character whose only ability is to spray water on the floor

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I'm currently downloading this for the Vita. I'm so desperate to play anything on Vita right now I'll take what I can get. Persona 4: Golden is on the PSN store staring at me it's the Japanese version, freaking pissing me off.

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Unbelievably, he looks like he is going "FUCK THIS PLACE"

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