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My Review

Not too long ago the gods of plastic sent us LEGO Indiana Jones. And to me seem to be a huge improvement over the LEGO Star Wars Games. With its puzzles, and unique character abilities. Now they give us, LEGO BATMAN.

If you played any previous LEGO game then you understand the concept. You and a partner, (Local co-op or AI only) plow through a city, destroying most everything in your path in a wave of colorful destruction. At time the screen stutters as if watching a rainbow explode. Along the way you drive vehicles, kick LEGO people's ass and build objects to continue your progress. And none of these things change with LEGO BATMAN.

You have to start out and finish an entire chapter of the game as Batman and Robin. There levels almost all seem to be beat up style gameplay. The puzzles are almost non-existent. Usually if you are confronted with an impassible barrier, you have to find “suits” that allow you to do special abilities . Batman can place bombs, or glide, while Robin can use Technology and has underwater equipment.

To me however the most fun I had in the game was playing as the villains. Each Chapter has you playing as one unique Villain (Penguin, Riddler, or the Joker) and then each level has a partner that is different. Some of them like BANE and Clayface have super strength. Other times you may have a character who can walk through toxic waste like Poison IVY or the CROC.

These levels usually more likely to have puzzles, and sometimes they can even confuse you as to what you do next. The Batman and Robin stages usually end with a Boss Battle with one of these characters.

Also every chapter seems to have at least one Vehicle level. This levels are usually way shorter, and easier. Sometimes they can be fun but a lot of times I would rather be on foot. The vehicles control the same as they have in every LEGO game. Like Crap

The levels in the game are actually Unique for th Heroes and Villains. You may see where they are interlocked, but its always a different portion of the same area. After completing each level you can go back into it in free ply mode and collect Tanks and Civilians you may have missed because you did not have the correct character. In Freeplay you are allowed to pick any character and your roster is fleshed out with several other characters that have other abilities. Freeplay mode is the only way to collect all the special items.

There is lots of stuff to unlock. Vehicles, new characters, and even new levels. I found myself going back to play the game over and over. If you are fan of the classic lighthearted Batman, or just the LEGO games in general, then you should give this one a try. If not a fan of LEGO... this is not the game that will change your mind.

I give this one a B

Feeling Robbe


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