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Lego Batman

I'd put three and a half, but I'm a really big batman fan right now, so I dunno whether I should count the half.
I'd recommend it to Batman fans, anyway...
So..Sound, how about?
 The sound is actually pretty good. I remember not actually playing the game, just listening to the music. I really enjoyed it. It's not very usual that I take very much notice of muisc...
 It's kinda cute... The fact that it's all told by lego storylines..Fan art is a lot easier, they're lego! Although, one would wonder, is it because they thought it'd be cool, or is it a shortcut? Ah well, the story comes across anyway..
 Hm, a complant, there are no instructions in the game. Okay, yes, I'm sure there are instructions in the MANUAL, but I wouldn't know.. No instructions on gameplay..
 Yes, the controls..My ONLY complaint about Lego Batman's controls would be the slowness at which they climb the ladder, but hey, that's just me being very impatient. Free play was a blessing at this point..
 Oh, another complaint. The fact that you have to go back to complete levels. Yeah, no... You gather nuts ( least I think they were nuts..) and you buy more characters with more abilities, then you go back and try to complete the level and get all the canisters in it, as well as collecting all the Joker cards. It's harder than it sounds..
I wouldn't say there's very much replay value.. However, after you complete the game, there are minigames to be unlocked and played too, so it doesn't quite lose it's appeal after finishing the story.
It's a fun game, it'll keep you amused, but doesn't last for very long.. If you could get it cheap, then yeah, maybe buy it. As I said, it's short though. Do they rent DS games? If so, and you want to play it, try renting it. It's fairly easy to complete..


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