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After turn Lucus’s beloved characters Lego style, Traveler’s tale now turns to the Dark Knight with Lego Batman. Can travelers tale bring the same care and attention to this game as well as the last games? Let’s find out. This time around, Travelers Tale hasn’t based this game on any of the Batman movies. Traveler’s tale has made a new story around the lego universe. The story is basicly all the villains of the Batman universe have broken out of Arkume Asylum and Batman and Robin must put them behind bars again. The story is the weakest part of Lego Batman as the humor isn’t the best in the series as goes back to old jokes. You’ll still get some Chuckles, but for the most part, the story is forgettable. Lego Batman’s gameplay hasn’t really changed. Your still going around beating the living crap out of things, Solving puzzles, and Collecting studs. There are some new elements to the combat like grabbing enemies, and using your Bat-arang. They’re not huge additions, but there still cool and fun. This time around, Batman and Robin can change into different suits. Batman can obtain a Glide suit, Demolition suit, and more. Robin can use a magnet suit, diver suit, and more. After you complete a story, you can play a new story, playing as the villains. These characters are much more fun to play as than the Heroes as the have there own unique abilities. These chapters add more replay value and more missions to keep players playing as they add a total of 32 missions in all, than the reglar 18 missions. Lego Batman still has the same problems as it’s predisestors. Jumping can still feel acward, as it’s can still be hard some time to judge a jump, Puzzles can be obscure, and there’s still no Online play. Despite it’s falls, it’s still fun to play as. Like the Lego Indeana Jones, Lego Batman isn’t the best looking game out  there, but still look good. Plasic peases never looked this good on Hi-def, and  animation is tight. Travelers tale was also able to get the Danny Elfman music from the  Tim Burton Batman movies, and still sounds great. Lego Batman is fun for everyone. If  you haven’t had fun with the other Lego games, you woun’t have fun with this one.  For everyone else, this is the best of the Lego games.

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