tombtha940's Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins (Nintendo 3DS) review

Will this 3Ds game fall apart or Rise up

Lego City Undercover

The Chase Begins

The Chase Begins is a Prequel to the Nintendo Wii u game Lego City Undercover that has the then rookie cop Chase McCain from the first day on the job all the way threw to his first big brake. It’s a cute family friendly game that gives the 3DS the Charm that Lego games have over the last few years. (Lego Bat Man 1 -2, Lego Star wars, Lego harry potter)

Voice actors add the Delivery of jokes from kind of funny to a few laff out loud moments but that’s where the comity burns out. With only a hand full of cutscenes in the game that have voice over its to far apart instead of adding the the immersion it pulls you out of whats going on leaving the illusion every hour to remind you that your playing a game.

Time to complete the story is around 8 hours (The Norm.) trying to pad out the game with open world side quests that in them self are just button mashing until a bar fills up. It’s sad to say that this is a theme through out the game with overly long loading times between worlds braking the open world feeling. Missions are broken up into only 3 or for types luckily for players escort is not one of them. With most of the missions being Undercover the Cheesy cop movie feel falls away quickly leaving just a cold soulless feeling to the game.

The game is short and overly simple even for a kids game, over all it’s just a disappoint souring the through of wanting to play its bigger brother on the Wii u.

2 out of 5

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