Can't wait for this.

#1 Posted by Cubidog1 (370 posts) -

The trailer looks great, and if it is like Lego Island it'll be great. Hopefully you can skateboard and perform tricks. Also, I hope I can be a criminal, robbing banks and hijackjing ambulances. Oh, and this better have multiplayer, both splitscreen and online. If it doesn't I'll be very dissapointed. If it does, I will probably buy a WiiU.

#2 Posted by capnhaggis (42 posts) -

@Cubidog1: yeah, I'm really excited for this too...hopefully it'll be like lego batman 2 in the sense that different costumes grant you different abilities (the under cover portion of the title would imply that a 'criminal' costume would let you play portions of the game as a criminal for instance) I already have my wii u pre-ordered so hopefully this game deliverers.

#3 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -

It's a Lego game, obviously you can't be a criminal. But you're a cop so you can "commandeer" vehicles and the undercover aspect plays a pretty big role.

There's no multiplayer though, which is rather disappointing considering that's a feature all the previous Lego games have been built around.

#4 Posted by CurtMan2k7 (136 posts) -

anyone know if this is still coming to the 3DS, i looked on and they have the WiiU version and Strategy Guide but no listing for the 3DS version.

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