Possible spiritual successor to lego island?

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I just went over to the nintendo e3 site and saw the trailer for this and i gotta say it looks pretty sweet. If it's open world that'd be pretty cool, and from what the trailer shows it looks like a mix of lego island and the current lego games which i think sounds awesome.

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Lego Star Wars Island?

Bloody count me in! I remember liking (most of) Lego Island 2 as a kid.

#3 Posted by Scrawnto (2509 posts) -

I remember thinking that Lego Island was really janky, but still liking it despite that. Kind of curious what this turns out to be.

#4 Posted by Thoseposers (860 posts) -

@Scrawnto: Oh yeah that's exactly how it was for me too, it ran like crap but it was still so much fun

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Lego Island forever, was 1 or 2 the one where you were the pizza guy, or am I thinking of something different?

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@Irvandus: Fairly certain that was 2. I played the GBC version to completion twice because I had nothing better to do. That version very well could have been crap, but I was at an age where quality was indistinguishable.

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I can't believe we're talking about Lego Island and no one has posted this yet:

Loading Video...

You're welcome.

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Dude, don't even joke like that.

Lego Island is my favorite game of all time. Goddamn brickster.

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Holy fuck you just reminded me that Lego Island was a thing. A thing that I loved. SO MANY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES HAVE JUST BEEN UNLOCKED

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According to the game page, THE BRICKSTER IS IN THIS GAME.

This is now my most Hyped game. Pepper Roni make a fucking appearance.

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To me this game looks fantastic! But I acknowledge that I have a huge case of nostalgia. The first games that I absolutely loved and played to death were Lego Island, and later The Simpsons Hit and Run. This game seems like someone had both on a shelf somewhere, looked at them and went "hang on......this might just work"

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i played the gbc version so much omg its still to date the scariest game ive ever played

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I'm picking this up on day-one come hell, high water, or mediocre reviews. I love Legos, and while I haven't loved the linear, license-based games I think this looks fantastic so far. It'll be a nice change of pace from the gritty and grognardy month including Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

...and Pandora's Tower, and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. But I'm not buying Bioshock!...might get it out of the Redbox and poopsock it over a weekend.

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