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What do you lot reckon will be the hub of choice for Years 1-4, and 5-7 after that? For 1-4, I don't think they have any choice but Hogwarts, but even then they could do the common room, they could do the great hall if they wanted to avoid any issue of other playable characters belonging to other houses chilling in the Gryffindor Common Room, or they could just do a random hallway with the third floor door, the bathroom, the witches hump, and the other bathroom but for prefects if they really wanted to. 

For 5-7 they have a bit more flexibility, seeing as how 7 has a lot less of a focus on Hogwarts and they could mix it up a bit more and do something that is not Hogwarts without it being an issue. I'd say Sirius's home might be a good placement for that leg of the series, if not that then the Burrow.
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Grimmauld Place? I dunno. You kinda want every character to run around in the hub, don't you? Why would Voldemort be hanging out at the OotP's headquarters?

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To bring back to life an old topic, why not just give us all of Hogwarts? for 5-6 just give us Hogsmeade. 

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I don't know why, but for 5-7 I keep thinking the hub will be in the secret Dumbledore's Army place. Then again, that was only shown in 5.  
NOTE: That comment I made about the Dumbledore's Army only be shown in 5 was from me only seeing the movies and not reading the books.

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For some reason I don't think 5-7 will be a Lego Game... but you never know.

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