LEGO Harry Potter. Gold Bricks : Help.

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I'm can not find the last gold brick. The gold brick indicator indicates there should be one in the library, but I can't figure it out. Anyone know the trick to do it, or is this just a glitch.
Please help. thank you

#2 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

For some reason, I doubt anyone here on the forum has played LEGO Harry Potter. I could be wrong.
#3 Posted by filmfan2001 (38 posts) -
@pantocat: No sorry, Have played the Star Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones LEGO games but not harry potter.
#4 Posted by GunstarRed (5792 posts) -

The one in the library back-left of the hall is  a weird bug and is pointing to nothing at all.
#5 Posted by pantocat (8 posts) -
Thanks Marioncobretti.  Totally frustrated with this game I can't find that last gold brick anywhere. And I need it to unlock 5 achievements :(
#6 Posted by ColonelT (92 posts) -

I wish you the best as you work toward getting that gold brick.

#7 Posted by 7Force (114 posts) -

Have you tried using an FAQ, there's one here:
of course if you want to do it by yourself that's cool.

#8 Posted by pantocat (8 posts) -

Yeah, I've tried looking but still can't figure it out. Thanks for the tip, though, 7force.
I know LEGO games are pretty glitchy, so I wouldn't be surprised if the player can't even access the last brick *rolls eyes*

#9 Posted by pantocat (8 posts) -

YEAH!!! I found it!

#10 Posted by Trinity3Sixty (28 posts) -

As someone mentioned earlier, the one in the library is a bug. Turn off the crest detector and you will notice the arrow disappears.

#11 Posted by Meyehualco (2 posts) -

Hi, pantocat!!!
Could you tell me where did you find the last gold brick? My gold brick detector also is pointing the restricted section but there isn't any brick!! It's VERY frustrating... :(

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