So...Lego Harry Potter is Out and...

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Its not bad.  It has much more depth then the other Lego games and its less like chapters of a story.  The main story mode has you running around Hogwarts at whatever time the movie you are in is.  There is a way point marker that will take you to your next class (Thanks Nearly Headless Nick) or story level, but other then that, you are free to wander the halls of Hogwarts.  Certain parts of the castle are locked up at first, but you can unlock them once you learn the correct spell ala Metroidvania.  It is without a doubt the best Lego game that is on the market, and the humor here is on par with if not exceeds Lego Star Wars: The Original Trilogy.  It is worth it for anyone who just wants to relax and play something fun with their girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancee, children, or friends wanting to just have a good time.   
EDIT:  The game is also much more focused on exploration.  Combat (which has always sucked in the Lego games) has been pushed to the side to allow you to immerse yourself in the universe more then ever before.

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I played the 360 demo and I was outright tempted to just buy the game instead of waiting for price drops.  From what I saw I agree with your points.  I'll also add the graphics seem far better than the previous Lego games.
Of course they'll eventually make a full Lego Harry Potter game too, so it makes me think I should only buy this one really cheap.

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I'll pick it up when I can get it for $20 like I do with the other Lego games. And yes, I'll probably love it.

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You can't go wrong with LEGO.

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I've been excited for this for a while, more so than any of the other Lego games since star wars. I'm not that into Harry Potter (nor was I that big of a star wars fan) but the gameplay improvements are really making me want to pick this up. Being on a tight budget though, I just can't justify picking up a Lego game. *sigh*

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i just wished that they would just make lego games just like this

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@shadows_kill:  Did you ever play the sequel? I never got to. Looking back on it, that game kind of sucked though...
The fact that this game is a bit more adventure-y then past has made me want to try it, but I'll wait and see if my lil'bro gets it for his birthday.
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@Vonocourt: yeah i got to play the sequal.. it got even better than the first when i think back..  funny it released 13 years ago and man i loved that game.....
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Thanks for the quck review...I'm thinking I might pick this up based on your recommendation...Cheers!

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@IceColdGamer: No problem man.  You just have to keep in mind that it is a Lego game.
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I'll definitely rent it around christmas when I have a few weeks for it.  Or if it comes out on steam I'll make yet another irresponsible purchase :P
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@Brendan: Thats why Steam is evil.  It steals all of our money before we have it.  >.< 
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Ive been playing a ton of at like 80.4 % of the game. I really like that theres so much to fiddle with as opposed to fighting infinitely respawning enemies... theres just so, so, so much to  do. I disagree with the cutcsenes being on par though The star wars/indy stuff works because it really doesnt need the dialogue but the potter stuff without it just comes off as weird as fuck (although it is amusing) the focus on exploration will cause a few issues for completionists. The game doesn't explain very well how to open red sparkly objects and unless you had played the star wars game you could be incredibly lost, another problem is that sometimes the things you need to cast spells on are just out of reach and when you try to put your marker on them the camera tilts downwards. also to get more evil wizards you need an evil wizard... what level do you have to do in freeplay to get one easily 4-1... that is a terrible design decision it means you end up replaying all the levels over and over until you find the one character you need, there really should be one on level 1-1 that said it's definately the most "complete" of all the lego games. there is just so, so, so much stuff and  it continues to amuse me with it's imagination everytime I find something new.
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@marioncobretti: About how many hours do you think you've into the game so far? I've heard it takes quite a while to get to that 100%
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ive put maybe 15 hours into it and I'm at 90% now... its a good 20-25 hours to get the 100% i'd say depending on the order you do stuff.
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Alright thanks!

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Played the demo of this with my girlfriend a while...After about 20 minutes we both had headaches and she was getting a little dizzy.  Has this occurred with anyone else?

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I didn't really like Lego Indiana Jones (the sequel was pretty unbearable). If it's anything like that then... eeeeeeh...

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@Piglet: Any chance of carbon monoxide building up in your house?
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I am halfway through the second book on the game, and the level of entrainment that I am getting from this game isn't dropping.  I don't get to play a whole lot during the week, but I found myself saying on more then one occasion saying ok ten more minutes.  Next thing I know, a half hour has passed.  =O 

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After playing it I'd say that unless you are a diehard fan/collector of all things HP (buy it), otherwise this is definitely fun for a rental but once you're done with it there's not much left like the other lego games.

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@JokerClown88 said:
" @IceColdGamer: No problem man.  You just have to keep in mind that it is a Lego game. "
Just picked up the Collector's Edition *rolls eyes*...My girlfriend is loving it! She's been at it for 3 hours...I haven't had a chance to touch it yet...Thanks :)
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@crono11:  agree.. don't waste your money on it too much :)
actually it's not bad at all, but nothing special. it has some lame bugs and somwhere even an adult wouldn't solve some problems in it.
also these chicks think the same;)

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