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A Subtle Re-Vamping of a Now Old Formula 0

I have played every single LEGO game that has come out on consoles since the first Star Wars came out in 2005. That first game was awesome. To play something that used the canon and also poked fun at it was a blast. The second game (which was based on the original trilogy) was as much fun, even though the formula was the exact same. Obviously the fact that it was based on the better trilogy made it that much better. When LEGO: Indiana Jones came out, I was similarly excited, because those movies...

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The most best marriage of Lego and an IP since Lego Star Wars I 0

The original Lego Star Wars was one of the most pleasantly surprising games ever made. It was a perfect marriage of Lego and a widely loved intellectual property. Since that original game, the Lego game franchise has struggled somewhat, looking for that same combination. With the Harry Potter series, it has found that wonderful groove again. Harry Potter is a perfect fit for this series of video games, and it is also the best Lego game yet.There have been so many of these games, that you probabl...

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Annoying Completionists Since 2005 0

I want to hate this game. Everything about it dictates that I should. And yet, I can’t. Be it nostalgia from my LEGO infused youth, or the fact you can’t help but love those stupid plastic people (I mean they have a society where they use their currency in construction. They’re not so bright). Or maybe it’s the fact this game forces me back to feeling like a child again. That pure reverence at the sheer amount of stuff you could do with these little blocks. And, yeah, there have been eighty-thr...

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Abra-ca-awesome 0

 If you haven’t played any of Traveller’s Tales’ earlier Lego game franchises—Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman—let me explain what they’re about. Each of these games lets you play through famous scenes from the movies they’re based on, but created entirely with Lego blocks. The characters are all built on the Lego-person template: cylindrical head, trapezoidal body, creepy hooks for hands, and big, sturdy pant legs. It’s all very, very cute. The added bonus of Lego worlds from a gaming stan...

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Fails To Meet Up To Lego-Movie-Game Standards 0

I want to like this game, but it feels as if everything good about the game was borrowed from the other versions of the same title. If the Lego movie game brand is a family, than Lego Harry Potter on the PSP is the red-headed stepchild that even the Weasleys would keep in the magically secured basement.  Lego Harry Potter borrows its cutscenes from the console versions, albeit at a lower resolution. The scenes themselves continue the silly legacy of the Lego movie adaptations, from the in-your-f...

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