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Good clean fun

Sure, that gong scene in the Temple of Doom is fun, but you know what I thought when I saw it?  "It would be more fun if Indy was made of Lego and actually riding the gong through a door"

If you've played the Lego Star Wars games, you'll have a fair idea about what to expect, it's pretty much exactly the same engine - different characters have different abilities to unlock different areas, you collect special items to build up cool objects, you collect Lego studs to use as currency, etc.  So this game was never meant to be anything groundbreaking and it knows that and it didn't set out to do that.  What it set out to do was make a cool, funny game that the whole family can enjoy and it achieved that aim successfully I think. 

Besides, how does one like a game that features looking around levels for cameo appearances by Star Wars characters?

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