vinchenzo's LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Xbox 360) review

Take one part "Lego" formula, add two parts Indiana Jones.

So, Lego Indiana Jones is from the makers of Lego Star Wars. As you might expect, there's nothing new here, same Lego formula from the Lego Star Wars series replaced with Indiana Jones.


  • Colorful and humorous.
  • Legos.
  • Covers the original 3 movies.

  • Same old Lego game. Nothing new, which is disappointing.
  • You can cheat from the get-go.
  • Somewhat boring if you are playing by yourself.


So, you can jump, attack, change characters, and "use" objects. That's it, the controls are very simple. Which makes this a great game to play with friends or family. Depending on the character, you have different "use" actions. Say, for instance, Indy uses a whip, Short Round can crawl into small spaces, some characters can shovel, and so on. It's all really easy right from the beginning. You will go through numerous puzzles whether it's just grabbing a key and placing it in the right spot, or building a certain object, you'll eventually reach your goal in a matter of minutes. Each movie, of which this has 3, there are 6 levels. The cinematics aren't voice acted, but they speak Lego gibberish, and are very light-hearted. You'll get the basic premise of the Indy movies, without all the in between.


The graphics are very bright and clean. You distinctively know what is Lego from what is background and such. Legos really can't look any better than this, but it isn't a real challenge putting Legos in a game since they have very little detail. Sure they are accurate, but they aren't pushing any graphic limits. The sounds are minimal, you'll hear jumping, the Indiana Jones music plays during action-packed sequences, and the characters will never speak.


The game should last you from 6-8 hours, depending on how you play of course. You'll replay all of the levels to get the collectibles, and there are 3 extra levels that you can unlock. Other than getting 100%, there is no replay value whatsoever. So once you complete everything at maybe 13-15 hours, you'll never pick it up again. I would recommend a rent, but if you have friends that come over frequently, a kid, or other family, then it's a possible buy.

[This review was originally posted on GS, June 9th, 2008.]

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