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Lego IJ Is Awesome

 Take the Lego Star Wars treatment to the pre-raped Indiana Jones movie trilogy and what do you have?

Gold. Duh.

I am well-known to love me some Star Wars games, having adored BOTH Star Wars games on the 360 to date. Lego Indiana continues the series with a game that is easy enough for young kids to complete, but with the usual insane amount of depth for the more hardcore of players. You have the usual categories of characters --- some can jump high and scream, some are small, some have weapons, et al. This is a brilliant game design that has proven to be remarkable durable as I figured I'd be a little sick of it by now, but I'm totally not.

The audio is, well, Lego. Lots of bricks hitting the floor. The usual avoidance of sub-par dialogue.

Visually, it's actually an improvement. The occasional perspective shots (don't know why, but when you have the out-of-focus distance shot, it just looks really cool to me) are really well done and everything looks smoothe. Admittedly, the visual requirements for a Lego title are a little less demanding than most games on the market, but they did nothing to fall down on the job here.

This is a great game for families and gamers alike. I am wondering if the Lego series will eventually hit the Crash level of tedium, but I'm starting to doubt it will, honestly.

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