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No time for love, Doctor Jones

I’m not going to talk about what the game is about or how you control the characters yada yada yada, instead i’m going to cut to my opinion of it directly. I’m around 50% into this game, and yet to play my favorite movie, The Last Crusade. I do so hope Sean Connery is well represented!

LEGO Indiana Jones is one of the most directly fun games i’ve played, especially in multiplayer. It appeals to my sense of playfulness, exploration and finding secrets/rewards. It is in my opinion a game that is an evolved form of the good old platformer games like Mario & or all of it’s hellish offspring. As i see it this game is meant to be enjoyed with a friend. It’s fun on my own but much more so when you are two, as most of the riddles and secrets need to players to find. Also, the game features full friendly fire, and when you kill your friend he drops a little of his money which you can also pick up.

It’s hard to define what makes things fun, or what fun is. If i would be to compare it with any other product, i would compare it with kids toys or Viva Pinata. It has the same appeal, and also a lot of great humour. There simply something satisfying with smashing everything in a room with a shovel, making it explode into lots and lots of coins. Also, this game features a little asian boy doing a lot of manual labor and heavy lifting while a well dressed american man is chasing him with a whip, and a character whos special move is screaming very loud.

You’d think that you can’t do so much graphics-wise with lego bricks, but this game proves that wrong. I’m playing the PC version, and the graphics could be described as PS2 models with X360 shaders. The game works very well with motion blur and distance blur (simulating what the eye focus on) and the whole bunch… Not once have i been bothered by the low polly of backgrounds or anyting, on the contrary, i was impressed several times with how well the technology is used to create a good visual experience.

I am yet to try any other version than that of the PC , but i think that this games is perfectly fit for the Wii, it has the direct fun appeal that Nintendo are trying to promote. I’m probably going to check how the game is on my Ds, that might be interesting as well, but i’m afraid that the graphics will loose a lot of it’s appeal. The PC version might be a little bit hard to control, so i connected my Xbox controler to it and now it’s no problems

The game is really cheap too so i can recommend you to check it out. If you like casual gaming and have a friend nearby to play with, i’m pretty sure you will not regret it.


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