ohgod247's LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Xbox 360) review

One of the funnest games I've ever played

This is a great game for kids and adults.  It's violent, but in a "cute" way.  It's funny and just plain fun.  You don't have to worry about dying (if you lose your hearts you DO lose some valuable studs, though, which you need to buy various things like characters and special abilities or advance to 100% in the game) and you can just have a lot of fun with it.  After you complete the story mode it unlocks "free play" mode which lets you play with all different sorts of characters that you couldn't be in story mode that have special abilities to unlock certain parts in the level that were inaccessable before.  Making the replay value very high.  To me it never gets boring.  I could play through it over and over.  I spent hours and hours playing this game and only stopped once I couldn't stay awake any longer.  Another thing that makes it fun is that it's so easy to play and you KNOW you can get all the achievements if you just try.  It's not like some games where it seems impossible to get anywhere unless you master the game after months and months of playing it.  I don't agree with Giantbomb saying that this game is starting to show the "Lego games rough edges."  It's just about as good as Lego Star Wars.  My only gripe is that it was a bit short...even after completing it at 100% with all the achievements.  So, if your lookin' for a game that you can just kick back and have fun with check this one out.  It's great.  Can't wait for Lego Batman.


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