derelict's Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (PlayStation 2) review

Lego takes you to the movies again, and it's still fun.

Lego Indiana Jones places you in an isometric world of Lego characters modeled after the first 3 Indiana Jones films. We've seen this kind of thing before in Lego Star Wars, but it still manages to be fun, and co-op makes it even better.

What's good:
Kill moves are adorable. I know doesn't sound right, but seeing a little Lego guy do a deady drop kick, or hand out leathal "nuggies" is just great. The characters have more style in general in this game (compared to the Star Wars games) with the way they walk, run, and fight.
The school feels huge. Your hub of all the action is the college. This is where you can access the various levels, view your artifacts, buy new characters, etc. But it's so big, and has secrets itself with a few tasks to complete that it's almost a level all on it's own.
There are more unique abilities for the main characters. The main characters you play as have more than just looks to differentiate themselves, again compared to the Star Wars games. They each have special tools that they'll always have on them, or special abilities unique to them.
The characters you can create in the Create-a-Character option are much more useful in this game.
The game-play itself is still solid, and loads of fun. Fun environments, fun puzzles, fun overall. Bonus stages are also available to unlock added to the fun (although I didn't find as many as there was in LSW2).

What could have been better:
Camera has it's flaws in some locations.
I've seen a few weird bugs show up (certain visual effects stop working, characters without heads, etc).
Friendly AI. When you have to depend on your AI controlled friends, they can still handle themselves in a brawl but aren't to bright otherwise.
You can switch from character to character in story mode by pressing the triangle button without being near who you want to switch to. This does prove helpful at times, but can also be frustrating as it's the same button you press to jump into a vehicle. Sometime you'll think you're close enough, press triangle, and confuse yourself as you're now somebody else.
Some sort of Deathmatch or Versus mode would have been fun.

Overall the downs-sides are vastly overpowered by the up-sides. A great game for what is mostly easy going fun and will provide a wide range of players lots of entertainment.

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