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fun game

After Lucus’s most beloved sci-fi characters turn Lego, travelers tale now turn Lucus’s other beloved series, Indeana Jones, and turns it into Lego form. Trading light sabors and blasters with Wips, bere hands, and pistol, what does Lego Indeana Jones have to offer? Like Lego Star Wars, Lego Indeana Jones re-tells the trilogy of the movies with no diolog what so ever, with Lego slap stick humor, and that’s about it. Lego Indeana Jones has the same gameplay as the Lego Star Wars games. You go to a linear Level dezien, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies. The beat’em up gameplay is still fun, and has gotten better. Yoy can now use stuff you pick up and use as weapons. Only Problem is that you can drop them at all. Characters also have different abilities. Small characters can get to area’s others can’t, Female characters can jump higher than others, and Indy can use his wip to get across sertain gaps. While this is fun, the puzzle elements can get a bit frustrating. Like the last game, there are some puzzles that are hard to figure out, and considering this game is more for kids, this can even frustrate the elder gamers. Also, why no online play? You still have co-up, but it’s not online which you put in the last game. This game’s presentation is good. Lego characters look great, animation is tight, and it’s overall a good looking game. It’s not the best looking game, but looks good. The audio also has the orginal score from the movie, bringing back the nostalgia factor. Lego Indeana Jones is held back thanks to the puzzles that can be hard to figure out, but the story, humor, gameplay, and look save

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