#1 Posted by spyder335 (532 posts) -

this game is pretty awesome is there any news on a quicklook?

#2 Posted by capnhaggis (40 posts) -

I was wondering the same thing...picked it up and have been pretty impressed with it so far. Hoping for the guys to do a QL of it

#3 Posted by Anwar (977 posts) -

They played it during the ps4 launch thing that they did. Looks like the other lego games, which is good or bad depending on who you are.

#4 Posted by Yesiamaduck (1427 posts) -

Just bought it, don't know if it was my mindset but found initially underwhelming but my opinion of it improved because of how self aware the writers are when it comes to Spiderman... I always hated his attitude and they NAIL it here.

#5 Posted by Raven10 (2045 posts) -

I was wondering that too. They have done one of every Lego game since 2010 or something. Would be a shame if they didn't do this one. Brad is the guy behind the Lego quick looks so I guess it just depends if he has time. I don't think they've ever done one without him.

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