We're Getting a LEGO Marvel Game, Even Though We Probably Shouldn't Be Getting One of Those

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#51 Posted by crusader8463 (14419 posts) -

Here's hoping the PC version of one of these lego games actually has online multiplayer. I have wanted to play these things but local multi only is just dumb and prevents me from playing it with the people I want to play the game with.

#52 Posted by Hurricrane (129 posts) -

God, that's gotta be a Publishers Clearinghouse check.

#53 Posted by Drebin_893 (2906 posts) -


#54 Posted by probablytuna (3604 posts) -

We can only hope for a crossover in the near future. That would be quite awesome.

#55 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3131 posts) -

A crossover would be siiiiick

#56 Posted by Winternet (8012 posts) -

They should just license a Lego Engine at this point so everyone can make their Lego Whatever.

#57 Posted by radioactivez0r (840 posts) -

While I like some of the ideas in Lego LOTR - the open world hub that you can literally traverse from one end to another, the quests to pick up the red brick locations - they have never fixed things like the camera, the total inability to determine how far you need to jump sometimes, and some poor responsiveness on the controls. Now it seems like there are 2 Lego games per year and they all have the same issues. I love them, but c'mon man.

Still, gimme Lego Matrix and I'll eat it up.

#58 Posted by Slab64 (1054 posts) -

@blacklab said:

Lego lego everything lego!

If I find the special They Live glasses will it be revealed to me that everyone is Legos?

#59 Edited by MeatSim (10821 posts) -

Now you know there running out of ideas for LEGO games.

#60 Posted by stringbacon (87 posts) -

How the hell would Lego Mr. Fantastic work?

#61 Posted by Hawkerace (276 posts) -

Playing through Lego: LOTR right now, and that shit is great, my first lego game - it is insanely enjoyable.

Also, who gives a shit - a few games for kids or just easy dumb fun is better than more EDGY MATURE GRUNGE EXTREME, which I'm sure there will be a call of duty super hero game eventually, unless it is already around. Press X to spray your spidey web.

#62 Posted by johnaze (73 posts) -

So weird that they're trying to lego everything in videogames too.


#63 Posted by dvorak (1496 posts) -

Lego LOTR was pretty good, so...?

#64 Posted by Deranged (1837 posts) -

I thoroughly enjoyed LEGO Batman 2 so I'll give this one a shot!

#65 Posted by asantosbr (123 posts) -

There was already LEGO Marvel sets, so a video game is not that strange, I was actually expecting and excited for this...

#66 Posted by TimSpork (10 posts) -

I don't see why this is strange at all. Marvel Lego kits already exist.

#67 Posted by AuthenticM (3707 posts) -

They should totally do a PS2 version. :)

#68 Posted by Gruff182 (854 posts) -

I'd prefer a good Marvel, Marvel game.

#69 Posted by Puchiko (55 posts) -

Why is anyone surprised by this. Lego already makes Marvel Super Hero lego sets for the Avengers movie.

#70 Posted by JackSukeru (5909 posts) -

I got one of those Lego games once, but did not like it at all.

#71 Posted by ColumnBreaker (1162 posts) -

@Puchiko: It's not that lego is associated with Marvel, it's that Warner Bros is doing a Marvel game.

#72 Posted by EchoEcho (818 posts) -

@Sphinx said:

If it's good, they can have my money! Finally LEGO doing a franchise I somewhat care about...if they do LEGO Warhammer 40k they can have all my money!

Yes. YES.

#73 Posted by Cybexx (1162 posts) -

I look forward to the Brad Quick Look.

#74 Posted by DeltaDreamer (113 posts) -

I do think that this is a good idea, strange though as WB technically is the DC kings and their rival Disney is Marvel kings. but like Alex said, it's about the money.

#75 Edited by absolutmauser (25 posts) -

It's not weird or peculiar at all. Lego Marvel Game = Money. WB and Disney like money. The competition between the two brands does not mean that their respective owners would pass up an opportunity to make said money. Also, WB has used Disney IP on at least two of these games already (Indiana Jones and Pirates).

EDIT: Yeah, I see that I'm way late to the party on this.

#76 Posted by kennybaese (663 posts) -

Huh. I hadn't even thought about the fact that WBI had to be publishing this. I just saw "Marvel LEGO Game" and thought "naturally". I wonder how the licensing works with all of those characters with Activision and Sega and things, or if Disney Interactive got all of the video game rights to those characters back after the Marvel purchase... Doesn't really matter, but that kind of business stuff I always find interesting.

Anyway, LEGO Batman was my favorite LEGO game, so LEGO Avengers seems like something I'd probably enjoy as well.

#77 Posted by MarcusCoxus (29 posts) -

LEGO Marvel vs. DC!!! Please! :D

#78 Posted by medacris (648 posts) -

Been anticipating this since the Sam Raimi films came out. Spider-Man was the first license I remember them having, and it was a HUGE deal back in the day. This'll hopefully satisfy anyone who was bummed Spidey wasn't in The Avengers film for legal reasons.

Bring on more Avengers Assemble...Literally and LEGO Legolas jokes. I never get tired of them.

#79 Posted by geirr (2513 posts) -

Oh I know some kids who'll be super happy about this!

#80 Edited by Ravelle (1235 posts) -

I actually enjoy the movie licensed movie games more than the ones without the plot of a existing movie, Batman 2 didn't do that much for me. Pirates and Lord of the rings are great fun though.

#81 Posted by NoelVeiga (1091 posts) -

Just for the record, this isn't by far the most bizarre Marvel and DC interaction. Not only was there a JLA versus Avengers comic crossover, but for a while there was a comic book line called Amalgam in which both sets of characters coexisted on the same universe and interacted with each other.

So hey, 7/10 in the awkward frenemy meter for these two companies.

#82 Posted by Jolt92 (1550 posts) -

Do want

#83 Posted by Spiritof (2031 posts) -

This should work.

(unless Disney is planning on buying Lego, that is)

#84 Posted by icytower38 (463 posts) -

Color me interested

#85 Posted by UncleBenny (427 posts) -

Nothing brings everyone together like money.

#86 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7614 posts) -

@Ravelle said:

I actually enjoy the movie licensed movie games more than the ones without the plot of a existing movie, Batman 2 didn't do that much for me. Pirates and Lord of the rings are great fun though.

I feel the exact opposite. I think Batman 2 worked a lot better, because they were free to come up with their own levels and story. A lot of the movie based games really struggle to make interesting levels out of the events of the films, it only really worked in the original Star Wars game.. Probably because the prequels were designed as massive videogames/toy cash grabs.

#87 Posted by Levio (1784 posts) -

Meh, I'll be impressed when they make a Lego K'nex game.

#88 Posted by Areyow (26 posts) -

In large corporations, such as this, the branches (publishing, creative etc) often operate 100% independently. Within the movie/TV departments, it is pretty regular that the production teams are bidding with other production teams from rival companies for IP created by their own company's creative departments. It makes sense- if any other company is willing to pay more than you'd pay to publish, you are effectively getting paid by another company and freeing up your production team to work on another project.

#89 Edited by charles_xavier (10 posts) -
@stringbacon@stringbacon said:

How the hell would Lego Mr. Fantastic work?

I'm a little hurt that Deadpool isn't listed. He's even on the picture.  LONG LIVE DEADPOOL!
#90 Posted by ShaggE (6403 posts) -

Fine... ONE more LEGO game, then I'm done. They keep bringing me back...

Also, this is really making me want a MUA 3 again.

#91 Posted by Tikicobra (411 posts) -

Lego Lord of the Rings kicks way more ass than it has any right to, and so do the Star Wars and Harry Potter games. Honestly, I found myself forgetting it was a Lego game just got really immersed in the LOTR story again.

#92 Posted by Lava (665 posts) -

Lego Lord of the Rings was pretty good with using direct movie lines so I'm looking forward to this one. Could be really great!

#93 Posted by TrashMustache (452 posts) -

Alex, you're sarcasm is, as always, supreme

#94 Posted by spiceninja (3056 posts) -

Yeah, look, I love these Lego games. The more the merrier I say. I can't wait for the inevitable Lego TMNT.

#95 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2090 posts) -

@MoleyUK said:

Avengers... Assemble!

That needs to be a tagline. It's too good.

#96 Edited by RoyCampbell (1096 posts) -

There are so many lego games, if someone dumped every lego game that came out this gen on top of me, I'd literally drown.
Video game asphyxiation.

#97 Posted by Jayzilla (2559 posts) -

Disney is gonna buy Lego now.

#98 Posted by iceman228433 (616 posts) -

This sounds great I am so getting this one.

#99 Posted by warmonked (354 posts) -

@TrashMustache said:

Alex, you're sarcasm is, as always, supreme

It's more snark than sarcasm, isn't it?

#100 Posted by seanvail99 (130 posts) -

No Dreamcast version? Lame...

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