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One of the worst A.I. EVER

Okay, I have to say that I am a fan of the Lego games, but let me tell you that this games A.I. is the WORST in lego game history.  For instance there is this one part when you have endless storm troopers coming after you.  While you are trying to build the piece that is needed you keep getting killed.  I know I might sound like a broken record, but the AI is just standing there while they swarm the hell out of you.  This is SO unbelievably frustrating that I felt like taking the disk out of my console and busting it into little tiny pieces.   On a positive note though if you have someone to play with this game is a keeper.  It has wonderful controls and is fun to switch around to your favorite characters.  If you don't have anyone to play with though leave this game alone..  Well unless you like breaking a disk in anger.


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