nijntje1971's LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (PC) review

Starts bad and broken

Well, this game is about Lego and Star Wars. Bought it cheaply at Steam as I really like Star wars and Lego is just cute. I didn't really play Lego games before this so this should be a good introduction.

Well, you start the game and get the familiar soundtrack and stuff and then you can select to start a new game and boom! you stand somewhere with obi wan and that other dude and you really don't know what to do. After some walking around it appears to be a hub of some sorts to enter the episodes. Ok, that figured out, lets start with episode 1. After the classic stars with floating text you immediately put into the action. Ok, I know the movies but this is just laughable. No story or narrative whatsoever and then? Really, you have to figure it all on your own. Not really a problem, but it really isn't intuitive or anything.

Walking around and controlling your character is also quite a challenge as the camera rotates and moves around not really as expected. You don't have much control over it, and it often misses the mark. In the first chapter you have to control or stear a droid. eh, hello, how? It really is annoying. I like an action game that gives you a smooth introduction within the first 10 minutes of all the controls, but in this game you just start. When the games were released, they were probably bundled with nice manuals explaining all the controls. So that leaves much to be desired.

Graphics are OK considering the age.

Stored away to play when I really have nothing else to do. Shame.

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