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Surprisingly good for the GBA 0

LEGO Star Wars on the GBA is very impressive for a GBA game, it has good graphics, great humor, great fun, but it lacks one thing spirit.What i mean by spirit is that it just feels like something is missing. There is all the fun and humor that LEGO has become famous for, along with some surprisingly good graphics, but it is just missing a key aspect that i can't put my finger on.But anyway, you follow the same role as you did in the bigger console versions, you go through the first 3 star wars m...

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Great Acting 0

Lego Star Wars: the Video Game is a fun, funny, and enjoyable game combining a beloved franchise and a beloved childhood toy. The characters do not talk, but they have memorable acting gestures and noises. In this game you collect Lego studs to purchase special items, bonus characters, and secret features. This game can be played by two people. The second player can join in at any time and both players can drop out at any time. Depending on your character, you can use a lightsaber, use the force...

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LEGOS Never Go Out of Style 0

After first picking this game up I wasn't sure what to make of it. The camera seemed a little clunky and the jumping seemed to drive you crazy... until you got a handle on it that is. Shortly after getting acquainted with the controls of the game it's actually quite easy to get into. This game gives the joy of Star Wars with the twist of LEGO and after giving it a chance it was actually a damn fun game. Granted there are better games but there are also much, much worse. The cutscenes were hilari...

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LEGO Star Wars Review 1

Lego Star Wars: The Video Game has you take control of play through the Star Wars prequals. While it may sound like it would be some cruddy movie tie-in, the result is an easy, short, fun game.You play through each prequal movie, which is divided into a few chapters. One of which is an on-rail ship shooter, and not that fun. The rest of them are action/platform levels. There are also many puzzle in these stages that are pretty easy. The game also has drop-in, drop-out co-op.In conclusion, Lego S...

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