koopa_kid12's LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (Game Boy Advance) review

Surprisingly good for the GBA

LEGO Star Wars on the GBA is very impressive for a GBA game, it has good graphics, great humor, great fun, but it lacks one thing spirit.

What i mean by spirit is that it just feels like something is missing. There is all the fun and humor that LEGO has become famous for, along with some surprisingly good graphics, but it is just missing a key aspect that i can't put my finger on.

But anyway, you follow the same role as you did in the bigger console versions, you go through the first 3 star wars movies in LEGO form collecting studs and unlocking secret characters to play as.

All-in-all LEGO Star Wars for GBA is a good little game that lacks an important bit of LEGO. 2.5 STARS!

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