LEGO: Lord of the Rings is officially a thing. Link inside.

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This has been confirmed for a while now. They made the announcement back in January at the Toy Fair. As an avid collector of LEGO I have already pre ordered all of the sets, and they should be arriving early next week or so. They should be in stores by the last week of May/first week of July.

Here is a good link from an adult LEGO community I am a part of discussing the sets, along with hi res photos and really good video reviews...

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The Lego games are pretty well made but I don't think that style of game will work very well in the Lord of the Rings universe. I'll be interested to see if how they handle the licence though.

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Booo, Really don't care at all. I wonder if it will have voice acting like the new Batman game... They might as well get Elijah Wood, he isn't doing anything of worth these days.

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Nevermind, I thought this was a continuation of the LEGO videogame series.


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@Mikemcn: @thornie: @Ravenlight: The LEGO set is indeed old news. The point of the article was that the set also confirmed the existence of a video game. Hence the forum this thread is located in.

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I will buy this. The Lego licensed franchise games only keep getting better and better (though Lego Batman is still my overall favourite), so I'm excited to see how both this and Lego Batman 2 shapes up.

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The Lego games bore me now....  I used to like them a lot when I was younger

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Booo, Really don't care at all. I wonder if it will have voice acting like the new Batman game... They might as well get Elijah Wood, he isn't doing anything of worth these days.

If you don't care, why bother those who do? Also have you seen Elijah Wood's show on FX? It's fucking brilliant.
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I'm still excited about it. I love the shit out of those LEGO games!

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@MariachiMacabre: I'm not the type of person to post negative things for the sake of posting them, but I see that this reads like that because I should have probably added that I am a HUGE fan on the Lego games and there hasn't been a franchise yet that hasn't interested me... Until now. I was really hoping the next game they would announce would be based on the Marvel sets.

The show with the dog? I saw one that was the end of a season, didn't seem very funny.

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I didn't like LEGO Harry Potter, it got far to puzzley, I hope it goes back to the simplicity of Lego Star Wars.

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Don't know if I'll give the game a try, but I may buy one of those sets. I had no idea this was a thing.

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