Has anyone got this yet?

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I'm a sucker for buying MMO's just to play for 30 days. I did it with Star Trek for a bit and Aion etc. 
Is this one of those instance based MMO or is it a persistent world?

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Wow, I did not even know this existed... 

#3 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -

what a lego mmo?  do tell.

#4 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7598 posts) -

I was in the beta and pre-ordered which gave you early access from early October.

If you're a big Lego fan, you should enjoy it but it's definitely intended for a younger crowd, who I think would have a lot of fun with it.


It's not as good as the Travellers Tales console games and there's not much in the way of actual building with Lego, it's just an action / adventure deal with a lot of grinding for gear.  The "MMO" aspects completely fall flat as nobody communicates or co-operates with each other, making some of the secrets or areas which require team work next to impossible to achieve.  I also don't know too many kids who would be able to afford the monthly fee's or parents who would be willing to pay it.


Bottom line being that it would have been better as an offline single player / splitscreen game.

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