Anyone else not like the Lego games' art style?

#1 Posted by themangalist (1750 posts) -

Don't get me wrong, I like lego. I enjoyed the latest Lego Star Wars game but the one thing bothered me much, which can be said about all other Lego games as well, is that not EVERYTHING is lego, that a lot of scenes and props are going for the photo-realistic style rather than lego sets. It may be a lot more work for the dev team to "lego-ize" every single thing in the world but i felt like it's a real disconnection between the styles and it makes me actually want the lego parts to not be lego instead. Anyone feels the same?

#2 Posted by sethysquare (21 posts) -

I love pretty much all the lego games. so............

#3 Posted by Maystack (902 posts) -

Yeah that caught my eye in the lego batman 2 trailer, but it doesn't really bother me. I think it would actually be worse if everything was lego, as there wouldn't be the possibility of enough detail.

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