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"Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out" is an standard point and click adventure game that was released on floppy back in 1993 by Sierra On-Line , though the following year an CD-version was released with voices and enhanced graphics.
You manage the character Larry Laffer by clicking on certain areas on the screen, picking stuff up and interacting with characters and objects. A first in the series though is that Larry can't really die so that you have to restart the game, you just get a box that has a funny message and the option to try again before the mistake. As usual, the humor in the Larry games is raw and dirty which is not unexpected considering the goal of the game.


You're in control of the character Larry Laffer which is always on a quest for love and this game is no different, he's single again and by being a replacement contestant in a dating show called "Stallions" he actually managed to win a vacation to a luxurious health spa named "La Costa Lotta" that is filled with beautiful women, so Larry takes up his calling once again... To find love and get laid while trying to find it.


Interaction icons, points and the inventory.
Basically what you do is the same as other point and click adventure games, you click an area or object on the screen to either walk up to where you clicked or interact with the object, some objects that you've picked up you might need to combine with other objects in your inventory or use at certain situations to advance in the game. For instance, imagine that you need a pair of swimming trunks to gain access to the pool, you can't seem to find any swimming trunks no matter how hard you look so you use your imagination and put a pair together from scraps.
Not everything you do have consequences in the Larry series, many things are just made for the plain fun, for instance in this game you have a zipper icon that you use to interact with your crotch on various objects and characters.
When you accomplish something you get awarded points that let you know how much of the game you have managed to complete.

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