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The game takes place on Nontoonyt, the tropical island from Leisure Suit Larry 2. In the first part of the game Larry is dumped by his wife Kalalau and loses his job with Kalalau's father, his soon to be ex-father-in-law. Now Larry is left free to explore the resort, arrange his divorce, and meet girls. His encounters with women always tend to fail, with Larry ending up humiliated in some way. This continues until he finds a membership card to Fat City where he will improve his body. Then, he will meet his "One Tru Love", who this time is a pianist named Passionate Patti.

Patti in the jungle
In the second part of the game, Larry gets the idea that Patti isn't into him. Rejected for the last time, he vows celibacy and runs off into the jungle. Of course, Patti does love Larry and wants to get him back. So, the player takes control of Patti in her quest to find Larry. At the end of the game, Larry and Patti are teleported to Sierra's Coarsegold, California studios, where, after navigating through set pieces from various other Sierra game series, they meet Roberta Williams. Roberta agrees to tell their story as a series of adventure games.

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