All two of us Sierra fans, rejoice!

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Got an email today notifying me that the game is finally ready for download, and should be hitting Steam soon (the Steam codes are available, but when I go to download it, it doesn't actually work). I'm so stupidly pumped to see this game back in the hands of Al Lowe and crew. Now the only question on my mind is what do they follow it up with? I'd love to see them work on a new entry in the series, but with Telltale abandoning King's Quest, I wonder if that's a possibility for Replay Games. Time will tell, I suppose.

In any case, I can't wait to download this tomorrow and hear that theme music again. Hot damn, I'm excited.

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Ya it releases on Steam at 10am. I cant wait.

I am really excited about getting the actual box in the mail at some point too. I think it's going to be a old fashioned big box, I cant remember.

Also, ya... the opening theme is great; if you haven't heard it yet you're gonna love it.

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@cornbredx: I should have elaborated with "hear that theme music again."

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I will rejoice in 2016 when is probably when I'll get around to play it.. Rejoice! :D

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We're already more than two in this thread, so rejoice? I want Replay to get on that Larry 8 as soon as possible. The Larry 7 cliffhanger left a gaping hole in my heart that needs filling.

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Surely "both of us Sierra fans, rejoice!" would have been better phrasing.

Anyway, I hope that this game has the original age-check questions at the beginning :P

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Make that five.

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I miss Sierra! Hero's Quest, Kings Quest, Space Quest, even Police Quest was pretty good. I remember those days fondly, looking over my Dad's shoulder as he played those games countless nights. Good times!

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few questions

  • what time zone is this 10am release?
  • is this to the general public or just backers ?
  • does this remake have voice acting?
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few questions

  • what time zone is this 10am release?
  • is this to the general public or just backers ?
  • does this remake have voice acting?

I think it is in 4 hours

You can buy it normally at that date so yes it is for everyone.

Yes it has Voice acting

Looked at the DRM free version a few minutes and went a bit gambling after i lost 500$ I have quit the game and wait for the steam version to play it for real. It looks really good so far^^

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wait are they the people who brought us The Incredible machine series AKA PROFESSOR TIM !??!!?!. They should make another one of those :(

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Ohhhhh man. It's so freakin' good. They have the same voice actor for Larry as VII. I've encountered one irritating bug - don't close your inventory while there's text flashing by - but other than that, there's no more permadeath (you actually get achievos for encountering the old situations where death would have happened) and the graphics are bright and shiny. This is exactly what I was hoping for.

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