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Killing In The Name
Lena Arrow was accompanying senator Viggo Hach aboard Flight 326 when it was hijacked by terrorists. The passengers on board were sedated using a gas called vercuronium bromide and both Viggo and Lena tried their absolute best to stay awake. The terrorists were twin marionettes named Elsie & Frances. Elsie was the fun-loving one while Frances was the cool, calculating one. They were ordered to kill each and every one of the passengers and carve numbers to certain victims. 

Lena the Evil Puppeteer
During this ordeal, Viggo Hach pretended to be sleeping when he noticed Lena, who was sitting beside him, was speaking to a tiny microphone in her locket using ventriloquism. It was later revealed that Lena Arrow was the person responsible for this hijack under the order of No. 16. She killed her victims using the puppets Elsie & Frances like a split personality syndrome. She murdered the senator and carved a number to his body. 
Lena was eventually killed by No. 104, No. 16's last competitor during the Ritual of Conjuration.

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