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Lenneth Valkyire
Lenneth Valkyrie is one of the three Goddesses of Fate, and is the second oldest of the three Valkyrie sisters, being younger than Hrist and older than Silmeria. Lenneth is a Chooser of the Slain, and acts as the Goddess of the Present. Lenneth is the primary character in the original Valkyrie Profile game, which bears her name, and has played a major role in two sequels, Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, and Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

Lenneth wears blue armor, and has silver hair.

Lenneth is generally a kind and compassionate soul, and unlike many Aesir, she does not hold humans in contempt, but rather has pity for the those who dwell in Midgard. She tends to be cold when performing her duties as a Valkyrie, she carries and air of authority about her, and has intense dislike for those who do not show compassion and kindness to others. While never 
Lenneth Valkyire
insulting, she is quick to put others in their place. She also has an intense dislike for anything or anyone who disturbs the souls of those who are dead and toy with the lives of human beings. Lenneth is the most level-headed and calm of the Valkyries.

In one ending of the original Valkyrie Profile, Freya describes Lenneth as being the "Primary Ego." It is suggested that, in Fruedian terms, Lenneth is acts as the "Superego" of the three Valkyrie personalities, being the most balanced, calm, and level headed of her sisters.

Like her sisters, Lenneth is a skilled archer and a most exceptional swordsman. Like Odin, Lenneth has the ability to grow, unlike other gods. Lenneth is described as the most powerful of the three Valkyrie sisters.

Lenneth, doing battle with her Einherjar
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Lenneth is the central character in the original Valkyire Profile game. The game begins as a recently awakened Lenneth is summoned by the goddess Freya to perform Odin's bidding, to gather souls for the final battle Ragnarok. Throughout the game, Lenneth gathers Einherjar, and slowly uncovers the mystery sorrounding her existence. It is revealed that her memory has been sealed, ostensibly for her own protection. She discovers that she has a stark resemblance to Platina. Players can break the seal on her memories, which results in Lenneth rebelling against the Gods, and taking up the cause of saving humans, rather then treating their souls simply as flowers to be picked. At the end of the game, Lucian, her lover, is reborn, and the two live together happily.

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

In her time, Lenneth rules the world, having become the "Lord of Creation." As her reality begins to change, she sees that Lezard Valeth, a genius who is both infatuated with Lenneth and the only human who survived Ragnarok, is at the root of it all. She travels back in time, joins forces with her sister Hrist, and seeks to stop Lezard from changing history.

Lenneth and Wylfred
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

The DS strategy game Coventant of the Plume takes place in what seems to be a different reality than the other games. The game's main character, Wylfred, is seeking revenge on Lenneth for destroying his life.

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